Metroid Dread: How to get Ice Missiles early

Admittedly, the faster method isn’t very “chill.”

Image via Nintendo

There are a bunch of speedrunning techniques in Metroid Dread, which allow you skip the first EMMI and get some power-ups like Bombs earlier than usual. In fact, some of these techniques were anticipated Nintendo, and the aforementioned early Bombs can be used to insta-kill Kraid when you reach that boss fight.

Ice Missiles are another weapon that you can get a little early. That might sound odd, considering you earn that power by killing the EMMI robot in Ghavoran, but it’s possible to do so quicker than normal. You can do this sequence break when you return to Ghavoran from Elun with the Plasma Beam.

Using that beam, you’ll eventually make your way through the EMMI Zone and reach the flooded room in the screenshot below. Normally at this point you’d have to obtain the Spin Boost to reach the left-hand ledge, but it’s actually possible to do it now using the Morph Ball and Bombs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’re going to need to utilize a special glitch to pull this off – here’s how. Morph into the ball, place a Bomb, and right as you reach the top of your jump, revert to normal. This sets up the glitch. Next, morph and jump into the air – notice that you’ll go just a little higher than before – and drop another Bomb. Revert to normal, jump as normal, then morph right as you reach the Bomb. If you time it right, you’ll boost high enough to revert from the ball and grab the ledge above. The first tricky part is done.

Now you can use a wall jump to reach the pink plant. Here’s the second tricky thing – these plants wither away almost instantly after being touched. You need to quickly jump to each one, hoisting yourself up onto them, to reach the top, all while avoiding a flying enemy. We promise it can be done, and when you do, you’ll be much closer to the Central Unit in the EMMI Zone.

Once you defeat that, you can grab the Omega Cannon and take out the EMMI. When it’s down, Samus will siphon its power and obtain the Ice Missiles. If you followed these steps, then you’ve saved some time in the process, and you’re in a perfect position to grab the Cross Bomb ability early too.