Minecraft Championship 14 (MCC 14) event – start time, how to watch, and more

Everything you need to know.

Image via NoxCrew

Minecraft Championship 14 is back, as the Noxcrew return from a five-month hiatus to bring us all the best competitive Minecraft on the internet.

The opening show is set to kick off at 2 PM CT and will run for about two hours with eight game modes and then the final face-off. The various games that will be played include Decision Dome, Ace Race, Battle Box, Big Sales at Built Mart, Hole in the Wall, Parkour Tag, TGTTODAWSAF, Sky Battle, and Survival Games. The grand finale will be a game of Dodgebolt.

If you are wondering what teams will be going head-to-head, you can find a complete list of them all here. If you are planning to support your favorite streamer, make sure your Twitch chat color matches their team color for that added bit of support.

How to watch MCC 14

You actually have quite a few options when it comes to watching the event. You can tune in to the Noxcrew Twitch channel where they will be streaming it, or you can watch the individual steams of any of the participants.

The best way to watch it is at MCC.live, a specially made website that will track all winners, and follow the entire event. If you would prefer to watch the individual steam of your favorite streamer, you can find all the Twitch links on the MCC.live page.