NBA 2K21 (Next-Gen): Best MyPlayer Takeovers

Can you Takeover the game?

Two critical components to any NBA 2K21 MyPlayer build are badges and Takeover abilities. While badges are boosts that can affect your player throughout the game, Takeovers can only be activated after filling the meter bar (or square, in this case) all the way to the top. And the only way you can fill it up is by playing well in the game, whether it be an assist machine or a consistent shooter from beyond the arc.

New to the next-generation, though, is the addition of Primary and Secondary Takeovers. Players can now add a second Takeover ability, which can be activated after completely filling both the Primary and Secondary bars. With this new addition, Takeovers have been taken to a whole new level.

But which Takeovers should you consider using in NBA 2K21? Let’s go over our picks for the best Takeover abilities.

Finishing Moves

  • Description – Able to absorb contact and finish at the rim

This ability is a great addition for bigs, as Finishing moves allow players to absorb contact and finish the shot at the rim. Generally speaking, making contact when attempting to finish decreases the chances of making the shot successfully, but this Takeover ability lessens the effect. If you plan on creating a tall power forward or center build, this Takeover needs to be on your shortlist.

Limitless Range

  • Description – Extends your shooting range out to the logos

Now let’s move on to an ability that should work quite nicely for guards and forwards: Limitless Range. Limitless Range extends out the range that you can make three-point shots, making this Takeover a seamless fit for snipers from a long-range.

Paint Intimidation

  • Description – Boosts your ability to affect shots around the rim

While the first two Takeover abilities are offense-focused, Paint Intimidation is a little bit different. Paint Intimidation boosts a player’s ability to affect shots around the rim. These shots are usually high percentage ones that have a very good chance of going in the basket, especially if the opposing player has high post scoring attributes. This Takeover, much like Finishing Moves, would fit in very well with most power forward and center builds.

See the Future

  • Description – Shows where missed shots are going to end up

We’re pretty sure you don’t want to miss shots in NBA 2K21, but whether you like it or not, making every shot is impossible. However, while See the Future won’t necessarily help you make shots, it will show where missed shots will end up. This Takeover can be quite helpful, as it can allow you to position yourself well after a missed shot, which should help in attempting to keep possession of the basketball.

Easy Blowbys

  • Description – Enhances ability for slashers to beat defenders off the dribble

If your MyPlayer is a Slasher, and you’re pretty comfortable with dribbling, perhaps try out the Easy Blowbys Takeover. This Takeover allows slashers to receive an enhanced ability to beat defenders off the dribble. If you’re handy with R/R3, this Takeover might work for you.

Other Takeovers worth using

Here are some other Takeovers you may want to consider using in NBA 2K21:

  • Negative Impact – Reduces defensive impact against pull-ups and other skill shots
  • Team Ratings Boost – Playmakers boost their teammates’ offensive ratings
  • Power Backdowns – Easier to push defenders around when posting up
  • Advanced Post Moves – Easier to beat defenders with post moves
  • Pull-Up Precision – Boosts well timed/aimed shots off the dribble

And remember, you can change Takeover abilities once you acquire the Mamba Mentality badge.