NBA 2K23 The City and MyPlayer: Season 1 rewards – All levels, items, and more

Back to The City for Year #3.

Image via 2K

September means the start of NBA training camps, and traditionally, the release of the annual NBA 2K game. NBA 2K23 is here, and so is The City. The open-world environment, as well as The Rec, Club 2K, all the other main components are back, as is Seasons. Season 1 officially went live on the release of NBA 2K23, and it comes with new rewards for both MyPlayer, and for MyTeam. So, what’s on the docket for Season 1? Let’s take a look.

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All NBA 2K23 The City: Season 1 rewards

1Season 1 Ball and T-Shirt
2New Player Indicator
3New New Jump Shot Meter
4Winged Green Release
5Season 1 Emote pack #1
6Three MyTeam Tokens
7Skill Boosts (10 Games)
8Dr. Disrespect Black Steel Mullet + Headphones
9Basketball and Siakam Banner
102XP Coin (30 Minutes)
11#23 Mask
122K Breakthrough Gear (+1 to Inside Defense)
13New Player Indicator
14Season 1 Emote pack #2
152K15 and Zion Banners
16Clear Facemask
17MyTeam Shoe Pack
182XP Coin (60 Minutes)
192K Breakthrough Gear (+1 to Close Shot)
20Dr. Disrespect Prototypes (Glasses)
21Lamelo and Dynamic Duo Banners
22Season 1 Emote pack #3
23#23 Backpack
24Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)
25MyTeam Promo Pack
26Season 1 Emote pack #4
27Hakeem and Davis Banners
282XP Coin (120 Minutes)
29Life Jacket
30Mountain Dew Trike
312K Breakthrough Gear (+1 to Ball Handle)
32Dr. Disrespect Showtime Vest
33Season 1 Emote pack #5
34Skill Boosts (10 Games)
35MyTeam Limitless Pack
36Jordan and Tatum Banners
372XP Coin (120 Minutes)
38Season 1 Suit
39Extra Badge Point
40Four-Seater Golf Cart

Players can go to Seasons, and then Season Prizes in the MyCity Menu to claim these rewards. The Season 1 t-shirt will be unlocked right away.

Season 1 is slated to end on October 21.