How to buy and equip cosmetic skins in New World

Show off your sense of style.

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Like many MMORPGs, New World has its way for you to show off your sense of fashion in the form of cosmetic skins for various items. Some skins are freely obtained due to promotions, but most need to be purchased. Here’s our guide on how to buy and equip cosmetic skins in New World.

New World’s store for cosmetic skins and other items

To access New World’s in-game store, press the escape key and click on the Store tab. Here, you’ll see various items such as armor skins, weapon skins, housing furniture, emotes, dyes, and company crests. The last one provides you with more options when choosing your guild’s official symbol.

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Naturally, since we’re talking about an in-game store, you can expect that the items here require premium currency. In New World, this premium currency is called Mark of Fortune. As of this writing, the cheapest option nets you 5,000 Marks of Fortune for $2.99. The most expensive one, meanwhile, adds 50,000 Marks of Fortune if you spend $19.99.

You can see an image of the top-up page below, but please take note that this is based on the Philippine peso currency (we just converted it into U.S. dollar amounts). Moreover, we remind you to spend only at your own risk. You can still play and enjoy New World as is without buying currencies or additional cosmetics.

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You can make use of the dyes and cosmetic skins that you’ve unlocked in New World by opening your inventory via the tab key. Right-click on a piece of gear and choose either the Dye or Change Skin option. You’ll then see the ones that you have in your account.

For reference, this is also where you’ll find various cosmetics that you’ve already unlocked through other means. These include the Deluxe Edition bonuses like the Woodsman skins and the Golden Rage and Verdant Trapper armor skins. We consider these two of the best and rarest finds since they were only available during the beta stages of the game. You can also find the Vinespun cosmetic items here if you obtained these via Twitch drops during the first week of New World’s launch.

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