On Your Laurels quest guide – Destiny 2

Rest on ’em.

Destiny 2

The Guardian Games in Destiny 2 introduced the On Your Laurels quest, which can be completed to earn a class-specific Exotic Ghost. The quest will give different rewards each week, so don’t be mistaken that completing this week’s step means the quest is over. There should be more loot to collect next week.

To get the quest, you need to start the Guardian Games, then you will be able to get the quest from Eva in the Tower.

Week One

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For week one, you will need to collect Laurels by defeating enemies with final blows from supers, grenades, and charged melee attacks. When you kill an enemy with one of those methods, they will drop a Laurel that can then be picked up. You can pick up Laurels generated by other players, but your own will be more valuable to you. Laurels that you create are with 3 points, while Laurels from other players are worth 1 point.

Arguably the best spot to quickly farm this up right now is at Seraph Tower Public Events on EDZ, the Moon, and Io, as they normally have a lot of enemies, and a lot of players taking part. Make sure you use your own Super to generate Orbs of Light and try to use Masterworked weapons, as they will also generate Orbs. This means everyone playing will have lots of Supers and will be able to generate plenty of Laurels.

When the progress bar is full, which should take 400 points, you can return to Eva at the Tower and collect your new Exotic Ghost Shell. The Ghost will have the Guiding Light and Speed Demon perks, giving you a faster Sparrow spawn time, and automatic weapon reloads when you ride your Sparrow.