Penguin Souvenir #4 location – Bray Exoscience – Destiny 2

The march continues.

Destiny 2

It is Week 4 of Beyond Light, which means a new Penguin Souvenir is available in the game. You will need these for the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph if you want to go for the Splintered Title this season.

This new one can be found in Bray Exoscience, an area of the game that everyone should be familiar with from their time in the campaign. It’s a lot easier to find that last week’s very tricky one.

Make your way to Bray Exoscince in Cadmus Ridge, then head inside as you normally would. Go down the frozen tunnels to the first room, then all the way to the back and through the door on the far left.

Keep making your way down the only real route you can take, and you will eventually come to a room with a red light in it that looks a little bit like an eye. The Penguin will be on the right, but when you arrive a shield will appear around it. Some fairly simple enemies will appear and you will need to wipe them all out. When they are gone, the shield will disappear and you can grab the Penguin.

When you have it, you can head back to the room beside Variks and place it on the empty spot. We are almost halfway there with these guys, with five more to go. Check back each week to find out where the new ones are, and if you have missed one, we have a complete guide here to help you out.