Penguin Souvenir #7 location – Nexus – Destiny 2

The march continues.

Beyond Light Week 6 means a new Penguin Souvenir is available in the game. You will need these for the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph if you want to go for the Splintered Title this season.

This one can be found in Nexus, the underground Vex area to the east of the Asterion Abyss. Spawn at Charon’s Crossing, hop on your sparrow and head right, then turn right when in the Abyss itself to take the tunnel down to Nexus.

Now, when you get here, run straight to the edge and look up. High above you you will be able to see a Vex Diamond. Shoot it, and another will spawn in. Move ot the right, follow the ridge all the way around until the part where you are about to jump down from the ice to the Vex structure. You will see it directly below you.

Now, back up a little and look straight up and over the edge of the right strut of the structure to the find the third one. For the last one, you need to jump down, but head around the back of where you would go to the Well of Inifnitude to find the last Vex Diamond. Shoot it, and the sixth Penguin Souvenir will spawn in.

If you found that a little confusing, the video above should clarify all the positions for you.

If you forgot about some of the previous weeks, you can find all the locations you need here. There are only two more left to find over the next two weeks, which will wrap up the Triumph. We are unsure at this time if there is any reward to be had from it, but a nice Penguin-themed Emblem would be good fun.