Penguin Souvenir #8 location – Kell’s Rising – Destiny 2

Almost there.

Another weekly reset in Destiny 2 means another Penguin Souvenir is available. This is the eight little guy to have shown up for the Reuniting the Eventide Rookery Triumph, and you will need to get them all if you want the Splintered Title this season.

This week’s Penguin can be found in Kell’s Rising. This is located up the elevator in the Riis-Reborn Approach, after which point you basically just keep going left through all the tunnels.

When you get to Kell’s Rising the area name will pop up on the screen, and you will find some Vex enemies. Kill them, and keep moving through the area until you reach an area with Fallen. To the far right of this area, you will find an enemy called the Stasis Spinner. You can kill them to give yourself some space, then jump in behind the crates to the right of their location. Here you will find the Kell’s Rising Penguin Souvenir.

We are not entirely sure if you need to kill the Stasis Spinner to make the penguin spawn, but we had taken him out when we spotted it, so best to assume that you do.

If you forgot about some of the previous weeks, you can find all the locations you need here. There are only two one left to find next week, which will wrap up the Triumph. Frankly, we’ll be sad to see them go, as it has made each weekly reset a lot of fun. We are unsure at this time if there is any reward to be had from it, but a nice Penguin-themed Emblem would be good fun.