Pokémon Go: All Mega Pinsir Weaknesses and Best Pokémon Counters

You have your chance to face off against Mega Pinsir in Pokémon Go, and this covers all weaknesses and best Pokémon counters.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Mega Pinsir is one of the several Mega Pokémon you can encounter while playing Pokémon Go. It spawns in Mega Raids, and these are some of the tougher encounters you can participate in alongside friends, but you want to make sure you optimize your Pokémon team to take it down.

You’ll want to make sure you take the best Pokémon with you to defeat Mega Pinsir and add it to your collection. This guide covers all of Mega Pinsir’s weaknesses and the best Pokémon to counter them in Pokémon Go.

How to beat Mega Pinsir in Pokémon Go

With Mega Pinsir appearing in Mega Raids for Pokémon Go, we recommend bringing a friend or two with you to take it down. Mega Raids are similar to five-star raids, and it takes a good amount of planning to take one down and earn the many rewards awaiting you at the end. However, some players might be able to do this by themselves, so long as they’re at a higher Trainer Level.

All Mega Pinsir Weaknesses in Pokémon Go

Mega Pinsir is a Bug and Flying-type species of Pokémon. This is different from Pinsir’s standard Bug-type in Pokémon Go. In its Mega form, Pinsir is weak against Electric, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Rock-type moves but is resistant against Fighting, Ground, Grass, and Bug-type moves. Of these choices, we highly encourage you to use Rock-type Pokémon and any Pokémon that has access to these moves.

When considering your Pokémon choices, you want to consider Mega Pinsir’s moveset in Pokémon Go. These are all the moves Mega Pinsir can use during the Mega Raid battle.

  • Bug Bite (Fast move) (Bug-type)
  • Close Combat (Charged Attack) (Fighting-type)
  • Fury Cutter (Fast move) (Bug-type)
  • Rock Smash (Fast move) (Fighting-type)
  • Superpower (Charged Attack) (Fighting-type)
  • Vise Grip (Charged Attack) (Normal-type)
  • X-Scissor (Bug-type)

Best Pokémon Counters to Mega Pinsir in Pokémon Go

The best Pokémon you can use to counter Mega Pinsir in Pokémon Go will be Rhyperior, Tyranitar, and Tyrantrum.

Rhyperior is a Rock and Ground-type Pokémon. Although Mega Pinsir is resistant against Ground-type moves, Rhyperior has a variety of Rock-type attacks it can use in battle, capable of doing a decent amount of damage during the raid fight. Rhyperior should also be resistant to most of Mega Pinsir’s attacks in Pokémon Go, outside of its Fighting-type attacks. The best moveset to give Rhyperior for this battle is the fast move Smack Down and the charged moves Rock Wrecker and Skull Bash.

The next Pokémon on our recommended list is Tyranitar, a Rock and Dark-type Pokémon. Similar to Rhyperior, it has a powerful defense and a good amount of attack power to back it up. Thankfully, it has a wide range of attacks it can utilize, taking advantage of Mega Pinsir’s Flying-type weaknesses in Pokémon Go. Tyranitar shares Rhyperior’s Fighting-type weakness, and you’ll need to watch out for that against Mega Pinsir. The best moveset to teach is the fast move Smack Down and the charged moves Stone Edge and Fire Blast.

The final Pokémon we recommend against Mega Pinsir is Tyrantrum, a Rock and Dragon-type Pokémon. With it being a Dragon-type, it can prove resistant against Mega Pinsir’s one Normal-type attack, but it takes regular damage from any Bug-type moves, and it takes additional damage from any Fighting-type ones. The best moveset to give Tyrantrum is the fast move Rock Throw and the charged attacks Meteor Beam and Stone Edge.

You will need a full team of six Pokémon to use against Mega Pinsir. Here are some other recommendations we have for you to use during this Mega Raid battle in Pokémon Go.

  • Aerodactyl
  • Aurorus
  • Gigalith
  • Golem
  • Landorus
  • Lycanroc
  • Nihilego
  • Omastar
  • Rampardos
  • Terrakion

You will have a chance to catch Pinsir after you complete the battle against Mega Pinsir. For every Mega Raid in Pokémon Go, there’s a chance the Pinsir encounter could contain a shiny version of this Pokémon, alongside multiple other rewards for finishing a raid.