Pokemon Go: Best Pokemon Teams For Single Type Cup Great League – July 2023

We’ve picked out the best teams you can use for Pokemon Go’s Single Type Cup Great League, and shared them in this guide.

The Single Type Cup for Pokemon Go is here, and this limited-time competition is the perfect opportunity to test out some specific Pokemon. Like many other cups, the Single Type Cup has a few requirements you need to meet to compete in this heated competition. You’ll want to make sure to bring the best teams for the Single Type Cup.

Because of the limitations of your Pokemon, your team needs to consist of some of the best Pokemon. Our guide will cover the best Pokemon Teams you can use for Pokemon Go’s Single Type Cup for the Great League.

The Best Single Type Cup Pokemon Teams in Pokemon Go

Your team will need to be created following the strict rules of the Single Type Cup in Pokemon Go. The biggest restriction is that any Pokemon you use on your team needs to be a single type and not have two Pokemon types associated with them. For example, Dragonite is not allowed because it is a Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon, but Dragonair is acceptable because it is only a Dragon-type.

In addition, your team cannot exceed the 1,500 CP limit. All Pokemon you use in Pokemon Go’s Single Type Cup must be at 1,500 CP, or below it. We’ve narrowed down the best Pokemon you should be using for the Single Type, to also help out.

Sirfetch’d, Muk, and Cofagrigus

The first team I discuss features Sirfetch’d, a strong Fighting-type Pokemon. With a variety of attacks, it can use in combat, it’s an ideal choice to take on multiple unique Pokemon, and to back it up, I have Muk and Cofagrigus. Muk is an interesting Poison-type Pokemon that you can switch out to protect Sirfetch’d, and Cofagrigus will be an excellent Pokemon to have in your backline for the Single Type Cup in Pokemon Go.

  • Sirfetch’d – Counter (fast move), Leaf Blade, and Night Slash
  • Muk – Poison Jab (fast move), Thunder Punch, and Dark Pulse
  • Cofagrigus – Shadow Claw (fast move), Shadow Ball, and Dark Pulse

Haxorus, Luxray (Shadow), and Hitmontop

Our next Pokemon Go team features Haxorus, the Dragon-type Pokemon. Not every player might have Haxorus on their team, but those who do can benefit from this outstanding Dragon-type Pokemon, capable of unleashing a variety of attacks, with Luxray as a Shadow Pokemon and Hitmontop as the final defender.

  • Haxorus – Counter (fast move), Night Slash, and Breaking Swipe
  • Luxray (Shadow) – Spark (fast move), Wild Charge, and Psychic Fangs
  • Hitmontop – Counter (fast move), Close Combat, and Stone Edge

Vigoroth, Primeape, and Meganium

I’ve paired up Vigorth, Primeape, and Meganium for this Pokemon Go team. Although Primeape and Vigorth share the same fast move, these two are good choices to pair with given their unique typings, and Vigorth is easily the best Pokemon to use in Pokemon Go’s Single Type, so even if you do not use Vigoroth in this featured team, keep it in mind elsewhere as its extremely flexible. The final Pokemon I want to recommend to round out this team is Meganium.

  • Vigoroth – Counter (fast move), Bulldoze, and Body Slam
  • Primeape – Counter (fast move), Night Slash, and Ice Punch
  • Meganium – Vine Whip (fast move), Frenzy Plant, and Earthquake

Machamp (Shadow), Goodra, and Registeel

For anyone who has Registeel on their roster, Pokemon Go’s Single Type Cup is the perfect place to use it. It’s an ideal Pokemon to use in the Great League and continues to be an excellent Pokemon for this competition. I’d recommend pairing it with the powerful Machamp as a shadow Pokemon, and Goodra, another Dragon-type.

  • Machamp (Shadow) – Counter (fast move), Cross Chop, and Rock Slide
  • Goodra – Dragon Breath (fast move), Power Whip, and Muddy Water
  • Registeel – Lock On (fast move), Focus Blast, and Zap Cannon

Pinsir (Shadow), Dubwool, and Regirock

The last team I want to recommend for the Single Type features the other defensive Regi-type legendary, Regirock. Much like Registeel, Regirock has a lot of defense, making it the perfect final Pokemon on your team to protect against your opponent’s assault. I’ve paired it with the shadow version of Pinsir and Dubwool.

  • Pinsir (Shadow) – Fury Cutter (fast move), X-Scissor, and Close Combat
  • Dubwool – Double Kick (fast move), Body Slam, and Payback
  • Regirock – Lock On (fast move), Stone Edge, and Focus Blast