Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gimmighoul Tera Raids – Date, Shiny Odds & Strategies

Shiny Gimmighoul has arrived to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet for Tera Raids, and this guide helps you take it down.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Gimmighoul raids have begun in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. These will be five-star raids for players to work together and take down this previously elusive Pokemon, making it much easier to capture rather than track down the many Gimmighoul coins scattered throughout Paldea. Plus, Gimmighoul has a chance to be a shiny form.

The odds of finding a shiny Gimmighoul are relatively low, but the chances are still there. This guide covers how to find the Gimmighoul Tera raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, shiny odds, and the best strategies to take it down.

All Gimmighoul Tear Raid Dates & How to Find Them in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Nintendo Direct Announcement
Image via The Pokemon Company

It has been confirmed that the Gimmighoul Tera Raids will be appearing in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet starting on June 21, 2023, at 8 AM PT and until July 2, 2023, at 4:59 PT. These raids will begin launching at the set time, and players can work together to attempt to take down Gimmighoul.

These are five-star raids, which means any Pokemon Scarlet & Violet interested in participating in these events will want to complete the main game and unlock these raids. Gimmighoul will have the chance to appear on the map, and a player who finds them can reach out to friends or other Pokemon players to help them out through online battles.

What are the Gimmighoul Shiny Odds in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Unfortunately, we can confirm that the shiny odds for Gimmighoul in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raids have been confirmed to be the standard shiny odds. This means there’s a 1/4103.05 chance of GImmighoul appearing as a shiny version in the five-star raids, and if it appears in any other raid, it is shiny-locked.

How to Beat Gimmighoul in Tera Raids in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

When challenging Gimmighoul to a Tera Raid battle in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, bringing the best Pokemon to take it down is important. Gimmighoul is a Ghost-type Pokemon, making it weak against any Ghost or Dark-type move.

One of the more preferred Pokemon to use against Gimmighouls is Annihilape, a Ghost and Fighting-type Pokemon that made its debut in Paldea. Annihilape is one of the stronger Ghost-type Pokemon, and I’d recommend using this one that knows the attacks Rage Fist and Shadow Punch. These two attacks are some of the best moves to use against Gimmighoul.

My other recommendations will vary on what type of Gimmighoul players face. However, some of the best Pokemon players will want to use are going to be Blissley, Ursaring, Orangurru, Braviary, Komala, Staraptor, or Farigiraf. I recommend making sure these POkemon have a Dark Tera Type on them, enhancing their attacks in battle.

Make sure to chase down these five-star Gimmighoul Raids while they remain in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The final day they can appear in the game is going to be July 2, 2023, until The Pokemon Company bring them back. Hopefully, these raids hint at more shiny Pokemon making appearances in other Tera Raids.