Riders Republic Funkies location guide – Shackdaddys Plane Wing

Fly in style.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Funkies are the unique rides in Riders Republic. You can find them out in the world or earn them from Shackdaddys Challenges and Sponsor Contracts. This guide will explain how to find the best Rocketwing in the game, the Plan Wing. 

Where to find the Plane Wing

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Plane Wing is found on the crashed plane. You need to make your way over to Cloud Rest in Yosemite and look for the small lake on the right-hand side. It’s along the border to the next area, so it’s easy to get confused about where it is precisely. Once you’ve found the crashed plane, interact with the Plane Wing item to equip it and start soaring through the skies on one engine with no idea how to steer. See below for a map reference for the Plane Wing.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Plane Wing is Epic in rarity, making it one of the best Rocketwing’s in the game. However, it has no Mobility whatsoever, making it extremely difficult to steer in a race. The only reason you should fly with it is if you’re exploring the world or want to complete a Rocketwing event using Funkies. Otherwise, try to keep the use of this ride to a minimum unless you want your races to be frustrating.