Riders Republic Funkies location guide – Shackdaddys Wood Ski Blades

You shouldn’t ski on these.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The world of Riders Republic is full of things to discover, crazy rides, and all the events you’ll ever need. Funkies, unique rides that can enhance your character’s appearance and be used throughout the game’s events. This guide will explain how to find one of these Funkies, the Shackdaddys Wood Ski Blades.

Where to find the Shackdaddys Wood Ski Blades

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Shackdaddys Wood Ski Blades are one of the Relics that you can collect in the world. You’ll find it on Mammoth Mountain, right at the very top. It’s the highest peak in the Santiago Bowl, and you can’t really miss it. Head to the top of the mountain, and you’ll see the skis leaning against the pole that marks the peak of the mountain. See below for a map reference for this location.

Screenshot by Gamepur

These skis are Standard in rarity, so they aren’t great for taking into events. However, they’re not the slowest skis in the game and will serve you just as well as your early skis. Plus, they look much better than the other ski rides you can pick up in the game. They also add a little extra crunch when you fall and crash, though this isn’t great if you’re squeamish.