Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual – Genshin Impact – full guide


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Just outside Konda Village, in Genshin Impact’s Inazuma region, players will meet a mysterious figure at a large Kitsune statue. The figure will tell you that it is possible to unlock the statue’s secret if you can use an Electro power on it.

Switch to any electro character and then hit the statue with an ability and you will receive a Ward. The mysterious lady will ask for your help dealing with an issue in nearby Konda Village. Make your way to Konda Village to continue the quest.

Search the village for a young girl dressed in blue near a small stream and speak with her. You can find her exact location on the map above. She will tell you to speak with her grandfather who is nearby. After you have spoken to him, you will need to do some investigating as he is very closed off and won’t reveal much.

Got to the point marked on the map below and speak with the small boy on top of the house. Grab the Oculus while you are up there, and he will tell you about a nearby broken cart, and a strange ghost.

Head to the area show on the map below and deal with the Hilichurls, then interact with the cart to progress the quest. Now it’s time to head back to the village and speak with more villagers. On the way back into town, you will see an old lady called Saimon Eri on the left side of the road. Speak with her to get a clue.

The map will change to show two very small yellow circles that you will need to investigate for more clues. The first is a bucket behind a well near the first village elder’s house. The second is a pile of debris in a nearby river that is mostly some boxes with a red canvas on top of them.

After investigating both of them, return to the village chief. GIve him the Purse by the Dried up Well item, then give him the Cargo Bag Fished Out of the Water. Finally, give him the Ragged List of Goods. After getting to the truth of a shameful secret, the Chief will finally start helping you with your main reason for being in the village.

Climb up onto the Cheifs roof and read the notes that you can find in the bird’s nest up there. This will reveal a new location that you will need to investigate, marked on the map below.

Here, you will find a group of enemies that you will need to take out, then you will need to dig under the wooden planks to find a key. The key will allow you to open up the well behind the Chief’s house and jump inside it.

Down in the well, make your way through the tunnels and grab the Thunder Sakura Bough buff to get through the Electro wall at the end. Here, you will find a strange lamp you can interact with that will activate a puzzle. You then need to rearrange the order of activation of all the other lamps so that they match the pattern shown in the center construct.

Use the image above to get the correct order then fight the creature that appears in the central construct to finish up this part of the quest. The mysterious lady will have more work for you, however.

You will need to visit an abandoned shrine to the northeast of Konda Village, which you can see on the map below. When you get there, follow the trail of strange ghosts up to the main Shrine and grab the Oculus.

After that, head to the east to find another Kitsune statue. You will need to find three Shikigami, and get them all to the same place. The Shikigami are ghosts, and you can find three of them in different spots around the area. Interact with them to move them, and you need to get them to the collection of three Kitsune statues. Be careful not to interact with them when they get there, or it will reset them.

Once that is done, a book will appear in the middle of the statues and you will need to head to Grand Narukami Shrine. This involves quite the climb up a huge mountain, so prepare to do some Stamina balancing. You might want to eat some stamina foods before you begin.

Once you get to the to, speak with the NPC up there to get the Memento Lens and then return to the abandoned shrine. You will need to use it by equipping it to your gadget slot, then looking at the Earth Kitsune statues through it. These are any smaller kitsune statues with purple energy on them.

Once you examine them all and get all three lines of dialogue, recite them to the statue and then you will get another ward. Players will be told that they need to find a barrier, but first, they will need to make sure they have a Rust-Worn Key that can be found in Konda Village.

To find the barrier, players will need to make their way to a small pool to the east of Konda Village on the way to Chinju Forest. Here they will find a metal grating in the cliff face near the water, and the Rust Worn Key will open it. Inside, they will find the barrier.

Once you find the barrier, you will need to destroy it. There are five plinths yet again, one in front of the wood construct, one directly under it, and three all around it.

The first lantern, the one you purify, should be set to number one. The lantern directly under the structure should be set to number two, and the three all around the outside should all be set to number three so that they all activate at the same time. After you have set it all up correctly, you will need to find another powerful enemy.