Sea of Stars: How to Complete Antsudlo & Beat Dweller of Torment

Solve all the puzzles each level of Sea of Stars’ Antsudlo Water Temple and defeat the Dweller of Woe with this guide.

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Underwater levels are always a pain, and Sea of Stars, though charming, makes sure the Antsudlo puzzles are tough as nails. It’s almost as if Sabotage Studios wanted to keep the level difficult on purpose. Still, to reach the Dweller of Torment and potentially save the entire world, all puzzles in Antsudlo must be solved.

This guide covers every level in this underwater temple, as well as how to defeat the Dweller of Torment after climbing the Glacial Peak.

Sea of Stars: How to Solve the Puzzle in the Antsudlo Entrance

Head to the end of the hallway and grab the Sapphire key. Then, place it in the room’s southeast pedestal and go through the portal.
Fight the fishy enemies, and unlock another portal.
Place the Sapphire key on the pedestal to the entrance’s right.
Take the portal to the left and place the Coral Hammer to the entrance’s left.

Sea of Stars: Antsudlo Level 1 Puzzle Solution

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Find the pink and yellow pearls, and place them in the elevator’s pedestals to ascend to the next level.

Right Door: Yellow Pearl

Use the pink valve to remove the water in the next area.
Head up the ladder and platforms to the right, move to the left, and drop down to grab the pearl.
Head up the ladder and platforms again, but this time, drop to the right to activate the lever.
Cross the now-open door, fight the enemies, climb the ladder, and exit.

Left Door: Pink Pearl

Drop down and use the ladder to the right to grab the pink pearl. Then, drop down and activate the lever.
Climb up the ladder to the right and place the pink pearl on the pedestal.
Reach the left area through the stair bridge and fight the fishy enemies.
Cross the stair bridge to leave. Then, place both pearls on each side and ascend.

Sea of Stars: Antsudlo Level 2 Puzzle Solution

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Just like before, find the purple and green pearls to get to the highest level.

Right Door: Green Pearl

Climb the ladder to the right and drain the first valve. Then, jump north to find the second valve that needs to be drained.
Swim to the leftmost corner, climb the ladder, and use the bridge to the last valve.
Now, use the three-star mechanisms to adjust the red line at the water level. Grab the green pearl, and peace out.

Left Door: Purple Pearl

Drop onto the floating platform and use the wind ability to activate the first windmill to the left.
Use the raft to head south and activate another windmill. Then, stick to the south while moving left to activate the third windmill.
Head northwest and climb the platform and ladder to reach a lever.
Grab the purple pearl from the room to the left.
Drop down and pull the lever southwest.
Head back up to the platform that used to have the purple pearl to grab a treasure with a Phosphorite Lid.
Put the purple pearl back in place to raise the water level, push the raft to the entrance, and then head back to pick it back up.

Sea of Stars: Antsudlo Level 3 Puzzle Solution

Go through the left door and take the tube on the lower platform. This will take you to the right door.
Once there, head upstairs and grab the valve.
Take the tube above, which will take you to the left room. 
Place the valve in the upper platform and activate it
Enter the tube and pull the lever on the other side.
Drop down, climb the ladder to the left, and grab the blue pearl.
Grab the valve on the platform to the right.
Take the tube to the left room and activate this lever.
Once more, place the valve and activate it.
Remove the blue pearl, and cross through the door.
Leave this area and place the pearl outside.
Climb up the red ladder to the right and go through the tube.

How to Defeat the Dweller of Torment in Sea of Stars

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During the first few turns, the Dweller of Torment will take almost no damage. Just hang on for a couple of rounds until Serai finishes opening up a portal. This will let the eclipse power weaken the Dweller of Torment.

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  • Normal attack: Fist Slam & Boulder Throw, both damaging only one ally.
  • Charged attack 1: When Dweller of Torment charges Sonic Pain, it screams and deals party-wide damage.
  • Charged attack 2: When Dweller of Torment charges belly drop, it slams all party members.
  • Vulnerability: Its arms are weak to magic.