Security plans location in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2

Find the security plans and get a nice skin.


You will need to find the security plans in Fortnite to get your hands on an alternate style for Brutus, themed to either Ghost or Shadow. After you finish 18 of the Brutus’ Briefing challenges, you will have the option to accept a specific mission for the alternate styles.

There are currently three different secret plans in the game, possibly. More on that in a moment. They can be found at The Shark, The Yacht, and The Rig. Well, the first two can be found, the third one we will discuss shortly.

The Yacht

Yacht Security Plans

To get the security plans from the Yacht, the easiest thing to do is drop in at the front corner, where it is facing Steamy Stacks. Land in the water and break through the side, and you see a door you can go through. Head down the corridor, and you will come to the server that holds the security plans.

The Shark

Shark Security Plans

To get the plans from The Shark, the easiest thing to do is swim in through the large stone sharks mouth, run up the stairs and head through the security door. You can hammer through it if you need to. If you turn left, you will find two server rooms that contain the plans.

The Rig

Being honest, we have no idea where the security plans are on the Rig. We have searched high and low, and have even gone so far as to load into a replay and slowly noclip around the entire structure, and we cannot find a thing. We don’t seem to be alone in this either, and for the moment, the location of these plans remains a mystery. We are obsessed with finding them, however, so check back in the future if you are curious.

The good news is that you only need to get one of them, so the fact that the Rig plans can’t be found right now isn’t a major issue. After you find them, you will need to send them to either Ghost or Shadow by taking them to a mailbox, and we just happen to have a guide showing the location of every mailbox in the game at the moment.