Should you get the Actor Job Pack or Boss Mode in BitLife?

Which option is better for you?

Image via Candywriter

With the release of the Movie Star update in BitLife, you’ll have the option to grab the Actor Job Pack or the Boss Mode choice. You do not have to purchase these to continue playing BitLife, but these are available for you to buy if you want to participate in the Movie Star update and become an actor. Should you get the Actor Job Pack or Boss Mode in BitLife?

Both are suitable options for selecting and playing as a movie star. If you want all of the bells and whistles that come with the movie star update, along with the future Business and Astronaut updates that have yet to be teased by developers Candywriters, we recommend going with Boss Mode. While the Astronaut or Business updates have not been released at this time, you’ll receive those two when they release in the future, and we recommend them if you continue to play the mobile game.

However, if you’d instead focus on the Movie Star role and see how it fits into your time with the game, grabbing the Actor Job Pack is your best option. The Actor Job Pack comes with everything available in the Movie Star update, so you’re not missing out on anything in the future update by selecting this option.

For players who plan to continually jump into BitLife and play when new updates are released, the Boss Mode option is the best deal for you to purchase.