Cyberpunk 2077 2.0: Should You Side With Dex or Evelyn

Word is bond.

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During Cyberpunk 2077’s The Information, players must side with Dex or with Evelyn. There are lots of decisions to be made in Cyberpunk 2077, some of them with far-reaching consequences. It’s easy to upset the gangs and dangerous folk of Neon City. Thus, making the right choice is of paramount importance.

Cyberpunk 2077: Should You Side with Evelyn?

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Evelyn and Dex are working on the same job, but Ev isn’t loyal. She doesn’t see the point of Dex being involved and is happy to cut you out. Ev will ask you to cut out Dex, and you can either say you will think about it or that Dex trusts you and you are not willing to do him like that.

Saying you will think about it will lead Ev to tell you about all the money involved and how you could basically retire off the job. But leaves the option on the table for later. Tell her you won’t do it means she will give you her number, and say you should ring her if you change your mind.

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None of this matters because this is all just story stuff and strictly about the type of character you are playing for your own sake. There’s very little impact on the story, besides extra rewards, to this decision. You could actually choose the third option in the dialogue choices to find out more about the consequences. V will go on a rant on how both of you could lose your Street Cred for cutting off your fixer, Dex.

Should You Tell Dex the Truth About Evelyn?

You will have a meeting with Dex about the job once the quest is over. Here, you’ll have a chance to confess that Evelyn made a move against him. If you do, he will increase your cut. So, if you want some extra cash, it might be a good idea to rat Evelyn out.