Spire of the Crimson Coin Public Dungeon guide for Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

Blood, blood everywhere.

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One of two available Public Dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, Spire of the Crimson Coin will have you contending with bloodmages, coagulated blood amalgamations, and more. There are six bosses for you to clear if you want to get the two achievements for this zone: Crimson Coin Group Event and Crimson Coin Conqueror. Here’s our all-inclusive guide for Spire of the Crimson Coin in High Isle.

All boss location in Spire of the Crimson Coin Public Dungeon

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There are five “mini” bosses and one Group Event boss in this dungeon. If you’re new to Public Dungeons, don’t let the names fool you — these mini-bosses can still ruin your day if you’re new or just starting out. Instead, try to wait for other players to show up or form a party with friends. Here’s how to go about clearing this dungeon.

How to get Crimson Coin Conqueror achievement

The Crimson Coin Conqueror achievement will require you to defeat the following five bosses:

How to defeat The Blighted Carapace

The Blighted Carapace is a mostly tank-and-spank fight — occasionally, he will shoot out a shockwave of energy that can be sidestepped, but he will also slam down his weapon directly in front of him for heavy damage. He can also grab ranged opponents and snare them, so always be ready to break free from it — it’s usually followed up by a heavy slam attack.

How to defeat Chillspine

Chillspine will occasionally summon an ice pillar at a player’s location — this pillar can be destroyed. If you are in the pillar’s AoE, you will move very slowly, which allows you to more easily get hit by his follow-up attacks: a conal AoE and a rapid-fire ice tornado attack. However, simply avoiding the ice pillar allows you to dance around this boss and make short work of him.

How to defeat Crimson Apprentice

The Crimson Apprentice will teleport all around his hedge maze, all the while summoning Coagulants and a Blood Storm attack that chases you around the area. To defeat him, simply look in the horizon for a pillar of blood — that’s his location, and you’ll have to track him down to deal damage to him. Once you find him, you need to “interrupt” him by staggering him with a shove attack (LMB + RMB). He’ll teleport back to the center, allowing you to deal damage to him.

How to defeat Shambleback

This giant undead will periodically summon two AoEs of poison that will rapidly eat at your health — and they can stack, cleaning your health bar out in seconds. Always stay mobile and kite Shambleback around his arena to avoid getting caught in his poison AoEs. They remain on the ground for a very long time, so quick DPS is required before you run out of room to maneuver.

How to defeat Mouz the Unclean

Mouz will always have a few Harpy adds summoned to assist her — they don’t hit particularly hard, but combined with Mouz’s rapid-fire AoE and conal attacks, they can cause a problem. Stay mobile while dancing around this boss, and you should be able to avoid most of her attacks.

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How to get Crimson Coin Group Event achievement

This achievement requires you to complete the Group Event in this zone — The Crimson Mother. The entrance to her lair can be found near Mouz the Unclean’s area — you have to navigate there as part of the Bloods, Books, and Steel quest for this zone. The Crimson Mother is definitely not something you can normally solo unless you are a very high CP level and are experienced.

The Crimson Mother has over 1.5m HP and will summon blood adds throughout the fight. These adds will explode when near death, so stay mobile to avoid getting caught in their blast. Periodically, The Crimson Mother will channel a powerful spell that stuns and deals heavy damage to a random player. If you have a damage resistance ability or barrier spell, you should keep it up at all times to avoid getting killed.

There you have it! You have completed everything there is to do in this dungeon. You can stay and farm these dense mobs if you want some Champion Points exp, or you can continue on your High Isle adventure. Looking for more Skyshards? Here’s where to find all Skyshards in High Isle. Looking for a guide for the other public dungeon, Ghost Haven Bay? We’ve got you covered with this Achievement guide.