Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Requests – All Bulletin Board Requests & How to View Them

This guide covers how to accept, complete and get more Requests in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life with a list of every request.

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Contrary to what Rock might believe, living the easy breezy farm life in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life doesn’t mean not doing anything all day. To fully embrace the Forgotten Valley’s community, accept and complete Requests from other residents. Sometimes they may require something as simple as Milk Soup. But at other times, they’ll go for nearly impossible things to obtain, like a blue tomato. Still, as a good-hearted fellow resident, it’s your duty to fulfill these Requests and help them out.

*** This guide is in progress and being added to as we find every Bulletin Board Request ***


Requests and Bulletin Board Guide – Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Remake

Below, we’ve outlined everything players need to know about Bulletin Board Requests in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. This includes how to find, fulfill, manage them in the inventory, and complete them

How to Accept Requests in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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To accept Requests, look for the Bulletin Board next to the Lei-Over Inn. Interact with it to check out the available Requests, read the information about the Request owner, what is requested, and the time limit to complete it. It doesn’t hurt to know the rewards for fulfilling the Request, too.

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Once the Requested item is in your possession, head to where the Request owner is and interact with them. Select “I’m here about your Request.” to complete it.

How to View Accepted Requests in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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Once accepted, Requests can be viewed by accessing the bag menu. Press X and R to view the submitted Requests and the info on the Bulletin Board.

How to Get More Bulletin Board Requests in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

More Requests will be unlocked as time progresses in the game. They usually come in threes. Note that green Requests are usually time bound, whereas flower-themed requests are unique and not time-bound.

What Happens If Players Don’t Complete a Request in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life?

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The rewards will be lost forever if a Request is not completed in time. That means that if Cecilia doesn’t get her tomato in 9 days, you won’t get those five eggs. There’s no other penalty for not completing Requests.

All Bulletin Board Requests in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

The tables below show all the Bulletin Board Requests in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. We’ve broken these up into years so they’re easy to follow along with while playing.

Year 1: Bulletin Board Requests List

The following table shows every Bulletin Board Request for Year 1.

Making Tomato Salad!
CeciliaTomato5x Eggs
Milky SoupGordyMilky Soup5x B-Grade Watermelon Seeds
Give a Man a Fish…RockAny Fish3x Aromatic Herbs
Turnip Wanted
MatthewTurnip2x Normal Milk (B)
Quick Pickles to Spare?
LuminaQuick Pickles5x Melon Seeds (B)
Locally Caught Fish
NamiAny Fish3x Spiral Herbs
Fresh Milk, Anyone?
GustafaMilk (Any, B-rank+)5x Turnip Seeds (B)
Wanted: Sweet Potato
TakakuraSweet Potato3x Marble Milk (B)
Sweet Potato Soup, Please
NinaSweet Potato Soup5x Carrot Seeds (B)
Any Fish’ll Do!
VestaAny Fish3x Huddle Herbs
Strawberries for Shortcakes
TeiStrawberry2x Goat Milk (B)
Warming Up With Egg Soup
ChrisEgg Soup5x Potato Seeds (B)
A Meal Deserves EggsRomanaEgg5x Strawberry Seeds (B)
Tasty Fish, Please!FloraAny Fish3x Budding Herbs

Year 2: Bulletin Board Requests List

The Bulleting Board Requests below are every task set by villagers in Year 2.

Wanted: Hearty PotatoCharliePotato2x Brown Milks (B)
A Soup-er Refreshing Soup!SullyHerbal Soup5x Peach Seeds (B)
Anyone Want a Cute Sweater? *ChrisTasty JuiceSweater
Bluebird Cafe Needs MilkGavinMilk (A-Rank or higher)5x Banana Seeds (B)
Requesting: Seasonal MasuCarterMasu5x Aromatic Herbs
Juicy Watermelon!ChrisWatermelon2x Star Milks (B)
I Wanna Try a Fancy SaladColeTomamelo Salad5x Grape Seeds (B)
Found: Kid’s Beach Toy! *LouEnergy DrinkBeach Toy
Wanted: Quality MilkTakakuraMilk (A-Rank or higher)5x Apple Seeds (B)
Wakasagi for DinnerSanWakasagi5x Spiral Herbs
My Old Alarm Clock *GarrettPickled VeggiesAlarm Clock
Melon Mishap!VestaMelon5x Blue Wool
Wanted: A Light SaladBaddochTomacaro Salad5x Peach Seeds (A)
High-Quality Milk Will ServeSebastianMilk (A-Rank or higher)5x Orange Seeds (B)
Fresh Egg Needed!
LouEgg5x Sweet Potato Seeds (B)
Whiskered Fish is Wanted!PuiAmur Catfish5x Huddle Herbs
Need: Carrots for CryptidDarylCarrot5x Grape Seeds (A)
Egg Salad, If You Don’t Mind!TeiEgg Salad5x Apple Seeds (A)
Requesting: Star MilkCarterStar Milk5x Aromatic Herbs
A Wakasagi, If You PleaseSebastianWakasagi2x Cheese (B)

Year 3: Bulletin Board Requests List

All of the Year 3 Bulletin Board Requests can be seen in the table below.

Fresh Fruit, Please!FloraAny Tree Crop5x Watermelon Seeds (A)
Craving a Melon SaladGavinMelon Salad5x Turnip Seeds (A)
Wanted: Special MilkBaddochMilk (A-Rank or higher)5x Spiral Herbs
The Catfish’s MeowSullyAmur Catfish2x Normal Milk (A)
My Old Plant EncyclopediaBaddoch2 Power DrinksPlant Encyclopedia
Unorthodox CropSanAny Hybrid Crop5x Carrot Seeds (A)
Wanted: Heartwarming SoupTakakuraHeartwarming Soup5x Strawberry Seeds (A)
Tasty Milk, Pronto!ColeMilk (A-Rank or higher)5x Huddle Herbs
Nina’s Favorite Fish…GaryScad2x Marble Milk (A)
Old Overalls, Lightly Used *CharlieBibimbapColorful Overalls
Rare Crops Needed!LouRare Hybrid5x Potato Seeds (A)
Requesting: Fish StewGarrettFish Stew5x Sweed Potato Seeds (A)
m Oo f A !MukumukuEgg (any variety)5x Budding Herbs
Can Anyone Get Fresh Masu?TeiMasu2x Brown Milk (A)
A Tool From My GrampsVestaAny Rare HybridBlessed Hoe
Fresh Fruit, Please!FloraAny Tree Crop5x Watermelon Seeds (A)

There are 10 years to each playthrough in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. We’re filling out the requests as we acquire them and building this guide as quickly as possible.