Sun Haven Starter Tips: Every Race & Which Ones Are Best

So many things you can be.

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When starting Sun Haven for the first time, or even just starting over to experience the game again, you will need to create a character. Something that makes Sun Haven more unique compared to other farming simulators is there are different mythical races to pick from. You can pick to be human if you wish, but the choices get much more fantastical than that.

Below, we will not only be explaining what each race is, as well as how each one is different and which might be best for you. Some races have special powers which will help you do certain tasks around your farm, making them solid choices depending on what direction you want to go.

The Different Races And How They Differ In Sun Haven


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The human race is the most simple in the game, you don’t get anything special when it comes to your appearance — meaning no wings or horns. That said, one benefit of being human is that you are an expert crafter so you will have a 20% higher crafting speed than other races. This means you will be able to craft items a lot quicker which is helpful if you plan to decorate a lot.

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When selecting Elf you will see you get pretty neat wings that can be changed around in further stages. You can also select horns and a few other cosmetic items for your character. The perk of being of the Elf race is called Elven Eyes, which gives you 10% more damage when attacking in combat, but only while using a crossbow.


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If you pick the Demon race you will be given a couple of different customization options, including more devilish-looking horns, demonic-looking wings, and also some tail options which is something not every race has. Demons have a rather interesting perk which is called Shadow Rush, this means you will have an increased speed by 75% for around 5 seconds with a 10-minute cooldown time. This can come in handy when wanting to get places quicker.


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The opposite of Demons, Angels will give you many different options for items like halos and angel wings, but this race doesn’t have any sort of tail. Angels have a perk called Miracle Spell, which will cause players nearby to be healed by 20 HP and can be used after 10 minutes.


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The Amari race takes after animal-like beings, so you will get customization related to different-looking animal ears and tails. This is one of the most adorable races out of the seven. The perk that comes with being an Amari is Primal Nature which grants you a chance of regenerating health after an attack.


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Elements are another really cool race in Sun Haven, as not only are they elements of flames but can also be elements of water. You can pick which you’d like to be while in the creation stages of your character. The perk for Elements is that you can store 20 Mana in a character or player close to you. You can use this every 10 minutes.


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Last but not least, the seventh race is Naga, a mermaid race. These creatures have unique options when it comes to tails and other related items. The benefit to being a Naga is that they have the perk of Mermaid’s Touch which means that the Fishing Minigame’s difficulty is lowered.

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Each race has unique reasons for why you might want to be them and mixed with what Profession you want, you can mix and match a lot of things to get the experience you really want. Remember, you can have multiple characters, even on the same farm, so don’t feel you have to stick to one thing or the other.