Talk to an island soccer player in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Neymar Jr has arrived.

Image via Epic Games

With the Neymar Jr skin finally going live in the game, it is time to complete the new challenges. The very first challenge is to talk to a soccer-loving character on the island.

The island soccer characters can be found in three different locations on the map. At the soccer pitch in Pleasant Park, at the southeast of Holly Hedges, and at the coast in Dirty Docks, right behind the container yard.

All you need to do to wrap up this first quest is simply speak with any of the characters. Be warned, these areas are extremely busy right now as everyone is trying to finish up their challenges.

You can interact with the players to get quests from them, and all the soccer players will be new additions to your NPC collection as well.

Finishing up this quest will get you access to the Soccer Ball Emote Toy and the Neymar Jr. Banner.

You can find the rest of the Neymar Jr quests below.

  • Talk to an Island Soccer Player (0/1)
  • Complete 3 Quests from Island Soccer Players (0/3)
  • Complete 5 Quests from Island Soccer Players (0/5)
  • Drop Kick the soccer ball toy 500 meters as Neymar JR (0/1)
  • Score a goal with the Soccer Ball Toy as Neymar JR (0/1)
  • Eliminate three opponents as Neymar JR (0/3)
  • Complete all 6 quests