Tears of the Kingdom – Master Sword Damage & Best Fuse Items

The Master Sword should be the ultimate weapon in Tears of the Kingdom, but players a bit confused on how the damage for it works.

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The Master Sword is the ultimate weapon for you to acquire in The Legend of Zelda series, and it returns in Tears of the Kingdom. Although you use it at the start of the game, you have to hand it off to Zelda in the past, where she can get it and have it repaired for you with the help of the Light Dragon.

When you get the Master Sword and add it to your arsenal, it’s a unique weapon, unlike the other ones you have in your inventory. Not only will it never break and recharges after you use it too much, it doesn’t have an attack number next to it. This makes knowing how much damage the Master Sword does in Tears of the Kingdom confusing, but there’s a reason for it.

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What Are The Master Sword Damage Stats in TotK?

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When we initially acquired the Master Sword and looked at it in our inventory in Tears of the Kingdom, we immediately noticed it did not have a number next to it. Unlike every other weapon in the game, it has no damage meter. However, it does have a similar damage value as it did from Breath of the Wild: 30.

The Master Sword’s base damage is 30, which means it’ll do more than most of the weapons you’ll encounter in TotK, and we always recommend having it ready when you fight against one of the major enemies.

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However, you don’t want to only rely on the Master Sword. After enough uses, it needs to recharge in power, similar to how your other weapons break over time. While the Master Sword is charging, you won’t be able to use it and need to wait until the cooldown meter has finished.

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What’s unique to the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom compared to other times it’s appeared in previous games is that you can use the Fuse ability on it and improve its attack power. This process works exactly like when you’re fusing a Stone into a Stick and creating an Axe. Any resource, item, or monster part you find in Tears of the Kingdom can be fused to Master Sword, and that Fuse Attack Power boosts the Master Sword’s overall damage, making it even stronger and more durable than it already was.

Because there are so many Fuse combinations out there, we’ve narrowed it down to a small handful of fusion combinations that we think will turn the Master Sword into an even better weapon, making it even more potent than it already is in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Best Master Sword Fuses in Tears of the Kingdom

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Some standout choices for us regarding using the Master Sword are the Stone Talus hearts, Boss Bokolin Horns, Lynel Horns, Lizalfos Horns, and Captain Construct Horns. When using any of the Monster Parts, you want to go with the highest tier, which will have you grabbing the Black and Silver ones. The SIlver are some of the tougher Bokolins and Lizalfos you can find in Hyrule, but they’re worth it when giving your Master Sword a powerful upgrade.

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Among these choices, the Lynel Horns are the best options we enjoy using the most, but they’re tough to acquire. The Lynel enemies in TotK are the toughest foes we’ve fought against, and we won’t ever attempt to fight them unless we have a strategy to take them out. It typically involves keeping our distance, using a quiver full of arrows, and beating them with a Spear or a Hammer.

Regardless of your preferred choice, fusing the Master Sword with any of these parts is the best way to make it into a powerful weapon. Make sure to keep a handful of these Monster Parts in your inventory whenever you need an attack boost and to make the Master Sword that much stronger.

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