The top 15 best Roblox anime games

Fuel your anime obsession with these absurd creations.

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Looking for a quality anime game on Roblox can be an endless road. There are hundreds to choose from, but only a handful masterfully recreates the worlds they are inspired by. On top of that, each of these well-crafted titles brings excellent gameplay, high replayability, and of course, some familiar anime characters. Here are the 15 best anime games on Roblox, counting down to the greatest.

What are the best anime games on Roblox?

15) A Universal Time

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A Universal Time has become a popular title on the platform for giving players more freedom than most other games. Rather than completing a linear story, the open-world experience lets fighters explore its map and speak to anime characters to do the quests of their choosing. Upon completing these quests, players earn additional powers and Stands. These Stands essentially function as companions, each having its own moves and skills. Although they can make enemy-filled quests a breeze, they will certainly come in handy when taking on others online.

14) Nen Fighting Simulator

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Debuting in May 2022, Nen Fighting Simulator tasks players with finishing lore-based challenges given by anime heroes to unlock and purchase abilities, fight friends, and explore new lands. Speaking of its setting, each of its areas contains some of the best design work we’ve seen on Roblox. Nen Fighting Simulator may hold just over five million visits, but you can expect this number to soar in the months ahead.

13) Guess the Anime

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If you think you are an expert in all things anime, you should test your knowledge in Guess the Anime. The game features quizzes based on the lore and characters of My Hero AcademiaHunter x Hunter, and several other popular shows. Best of all, it will take hundreds of hours to truly complete the title. That is because each correct answer rewards currency you can spend on its vast collection of anime companions, and Guess the Anime delivers new companions and quizzes periodically.

12) Grand Piece Online

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One of the most renowned One Piece games on Roblox is Grand Piece Online. The multiplayer title allows players to experience the anime as their very own Luffy, as they fight bosses, chase down pirates, and collect fruit for rare abilities. Considering the RPG is one of the highest-rated games on Roblox, it is definitely worth witnessing Grand Piece Online’ phenomenal gameplay and lively, colorful map.

11) Anime Tycoon

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Anime Tycoon is all about protecting and building bases for Naruto, Goku, Luffy, and other major characters. From building new floors to display cases that hold powerful weapons, its customization tools lend players endless ways to craft their own personalized bases. However, you will need to be cautious. Each lobby also consists of other deadly players and their bases. Thus, the goal of the Anime Tycoon is to defeat any nearby threats and keep your bases safe from destruction.

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10) Ro-Ghoul

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Although based on Tokyo GhoulRo-Ghoul is something of a cops and robbers RPG. As Ghouls look to eat NPC humans, the CCG police faction must protect them. Players can choose to join either of the two, and succeeding in their objective will make them even stronger and harder to stop. In sum, it’s certainly the darkest and most unique of all Roblox anime games.

9) Your Bizarre Adventure

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Your Bizarre Adventure is an interactive retelling of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with you as the main character. As you progress through its story, you’ll run into countless pieces of loot and gain powerful Stand attacks that will strengthen your character or help you in more difficult levels. One recent update has now even allowed players to trade gear with one another, making it an excellent game for those seeking a co-op experience.

8) Anime Clicker Fight

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A majority of anime games revolve around progressing your avatar while traveling around massive maps, but Anime Clicker Fight isn’t afraid to break away from this trend. It tasks players with collecting anime characters and using them to complete each of its linear levels. But there’s a catch. You will need to defeat each level’s bosses within 20 seconds or be sent back to the starting line. More importantly, those who finish stages in record time will land on top of its prestigious leaderboards.

7) King Legacy

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With a 91% approval rating, it is not hard to see why players gravitate toward King Legacy. It is an open-world game largely based on One Piece — so you can expect to fight tons of pirates. However, the selling point of King Legacy is that players can create and level up their own character, hunt down dozens of valuable swords and powers, and then fight other players for an additional bounty score. Though, if you have friends, it is worth trying out Raids. It is a wave-based mode that rewards millions of the game’s currency if you are able to survive its menacing AI opponents.

6) Shindo Life

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Formerly known as Shinobi Life 2, Shindo Life gives you the power to create your very own ninja and explore tens of different villages during its story quest. It is a simple premise, but the game is the most in-depth take on Naruto of all Roblox titles. In addition, Shindo Life is chock full of other modes that pit players against each other in solo and team matches. With the progression system now allowing users to go beyond level 800, there’s undoubtedly enough content in Shindo Life to keep you busy for months.

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5) Anime Dimensions Simulator

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As advertised, Anime Dimensions Simulator lets players jump into the shoes of over 35 familiar fighters to explore expansive levels based on mainstream anime. These levels include settings from manga like Attack on TitanDemon Slayer, and even Jujutsu Kaisen. However, you’ll want to choose your fighter wisely, as each has its own dedicated set of moves — such as Naruto with his Shadow Clone and Energy Ball abilities.

4) Anime Fighters

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If you’re looking for a title you can dig hundreds of hours into, Anime Fighters may just be your next game. Formatted in a similar fashion to Pokémon, players can collect and unlock characters to fight for them in battles that take place across over a dozen detailed worlds. Not only are these maps inspired by anime, but each also holds powerful, exclusive characters you can unlock through battles. The game is updated frequently, with each patch adding more fighters and worlds for players to enjoy.

3) All Star Tower Defense

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It’s no secret most anime Roblox games are either in the RPG or fighting genre, but All Star Tower Defense delivers the sole strategy game worth playing. It challenges players to collect an army of protagonists from shows like Dragon Ball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh to defend areas from waves of enemies. Though, as each wave only gets stronger, players will need to be thoughtful of which anime stars they choose and upgrade. Additionally, the title even features an in-depth story mode you can take on by yourself or with a group of friends.

2) Anime Fighting Simulator

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Since 2019, one of the games that has seen massive growth in active players is the fighting crossover extravaganza is Anime Fighting Simulator. With over 1.3 billion visits to its name, the game has drawn in players with its customization options, ultimately letting players replicate avatars that look and play like their favorite heroes. From there, players can join in online tournaments to battle it out and earn powerful rewards. It may sound like a brief experience, but more cosmetics and abilities come along with each new update.

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1) Blox Fruits

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For the One Piece fans out there, there may be no better game to choose from than Blox Fruits. The game has over a whooping 10.8 billion page visits, and all for good reasons. The title offers an open world more than twice the size of most on this list, allowing players to raid hundreds of pirate ships and towns for hidden powers and XP till their heart’s content. Although Blox Fruits has been a fantastic RPG since its debut in 2019, it continues to raise the bar with each new ability and boss raid added.