The 10 best Water-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

What Water-type Pokémon are you going to use?

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There are numerous Pokémon you can choose to take with you on your adventure in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. The Pokémon you pick to bring with you will be used in dozens of battles, taking on the toughest trainers and Gym Leader challenges the Paldea region has to offer you. For those looking for any of the better Water-type Pokémon, there are a handful that we’re going to recommend. This guide covers the best Water-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The best Water-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


Dondozo is a Pokémon making its debut in the series, and it has a high amount of HP and a decent amount of attack. You want to prioritize using physical attacks over special attacks for it, and it has a hefty defense to back it up. It is a pure Water-type, so it will be weak against Electric and Grass-type moves.

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Gyarados is a returning favorite to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and for many, is an addition many seek out. Gyarados has a decent amount of attack power, with a good amount of special defense, but it lacks special attack power, making it a far better physical attack. It’s also a Water and Flying-type, which means it will be weak against Electric and Rock-type moves.

Iron Bundle

Iron Bundle is a Paradox Pokémon exclusive to Pokémon Violet. It will appear in Area Zero, and those playing on Pokémon Scarlet can likely reach out to someone else who has already caught one. Although it looks mechanical, it is not a Steel-type and has a high amount of special attack power and speed, making it a fast opponent. However, it does lack HP, so it is the definition of a glass cannon. Iron Bundle is a Water and Ice-type, making it weak against Electric, Grass, Fighting, and Rock-type attacks.


Palafin is another Water-type Pokémon you may consider adding to your roster, but you want to make sure you transform it into its Hero Form. You can do this by recalling it back during a battle. While in its Hero Form, Palafin receives a boost to its attack, special attack, special defense, and defense, turning it into a far more difficult opponent. It is a pure Water-type, making it weak to Electric and Grass-type moves.


Quaquaaval is the final evolved form of one of the starter Pokémon, Quaxly. It is a Water and Fighting-type, which means you want to have it using far more physical attacks during combat. It won’t have the best defenses, but its special move, Aqua Step, increases its speed, giving it a better chance of attacking an opponent first. Quaquaval will be weak against, Electric, Grass, Fling, Psychic, and Fairy-type moves.


Tatsugiri might be tiny in stature, but it can pack a punch as a Water and Dragon-type Pokémon. Unlike the other Pokémon on this list, Tatsugiri has a higher special attack power, meaning you might want to add this to your team if you have several Pokémon that rely on physical attacks to deal damage. Tatsugiri will be weak against Dragon and Fairy-type moves.


Toxapex is another returning Pokémon you can find while exploring the Paldea region. Toxapex is a heavily defensive Pokémon, and while it has a stout defense, it does lack in health, attack, and special attack. You may want to use this as a Pokémon you use between choices or plan to regroup against an opponent. Toxapex is a Water and Poison-type, making it weak against Electric, Ground, and Psychic-type moves.


Vaporeon is a returning Eevee evolution. It’s the pure Water-type choice, allowing you to use this reliable favorite if none from the Paldea region fits with your team. Vaporeon has good health and decent special attack power and defense, but it lacks physical attack power and defense. It will be weak against Electric and Grass-type moves.


Next, we have Veluza, a Water and Psychic-type Pokémon making its debut in the series in Scarlet and Violet. It’s another strong choice if you’re looking for a generalist Pokémon, with a higher attack power than special attack stat, with modest defenses. With Veluza being a Water and Psychic-type Pokémon, it will be weak against Electric, Grass, Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type moves.


Finally, we have Whiscash, a powerful Pokémon that you can expect to see used often in Scarlet and Violet. Whiscash can be an excellent choice with a high amount of health and decent attacks and defenses. It is a unique choice because it is a Water and Ground-type Pokémon, making it only weak to Grass-type moves. It’s a good way to corner an opponent if you feel confident with countering any Grass-type attacks or Pokémon they might use against you.