The 10 rarest Fortnite Back Blings, and how to get them

You don’t see these every day.

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Fortnite has several types of cosmetics that have become available through the Battle Pass, Item Shop, and limited-time giveaways. The game’s Back Bling items can also be found from these, but some are more valuable than others. For instance, there a few Back Blings that haven’t appeared in the Item Shop in years, while others still remain exclusive to older Battle Passes. Here are the rarest Back Blings currently in Fortnite, listed in alphabetical order.

What are the rarest Back Blings in Fortnite?

Backup Plan

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If you’ve played the battle royale in early 2018, then you likely saw many players rocking the Backup Plan. It attracted thousands with the item being one of the first Legendary Back Blings to ever be introduced. On top of that, it also came free of charge within a Twitch Prime giveaway. However, as the offer was for a limited-time, the Back Bling’s value has since skyrocketed.

Black Shield

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There have not been many Battle Passes where a Back Bling is given away near the very end. This happened to be the case with the game’s inaugural Battle Pass, as the Black Shield Back Bling could be unlocked at Tier 70 in Chapter 1 Season 2. Many will also argue it has been the best Back Bling to ever come from a pass. A few reasons for that is the shield is of Legendary-rarity and dawned a fire-breathing black dragon at the center.


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As bland as Buckled appears, it surprisingly plays a big role in Fortnite’s history. The Common-rarity cosmetic was one of the first ever Back Blings to not be included with a skin. Instead, it was obtainable through a bundle of its own, rightfully named the Buckled Bundle. The bag first debuted in August 2018 and appeared in the shop three times before disappearing in November 2018. If it ever happens to come back, players can nab Buckled for 800 V-Bucks.

Galactic Disc

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Most Back Blings in the Item Shop require about $10 USD worth of V-Bucks, but Galactic Disc asked for players to sacrifice much more. In a partnership with Samsung, Fortnite offered the Back Bling to only those who bought the Galaxy Note9 or Galaxy Tab S4 phones in 2019. Of course, this meant forking over hundreds of dollars, ultimately making Galactic Disc an incredibly rare cosmetic.


Image via Epic Games

Penguin, along with the Insignia Back Bling, make the list due to both being the only region exclusive cosmetics to come to the battle royale. Each were rewarded to those who played during Season 5 on WeGame, a platform that is only available in China. Although there are methods for accessing WeGame in other regions, players outside China found that they were still unable to equip the items. Considering Season 5 took place in 2018, it has become clear Penguin and Insignia won’t be up for sale for everyone else.

Response Unit

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Response Unit may just be a Rare-rarity Back Bling, but it is highly unlikely to become available again. The item was included in a Fortnite collaboration with NVIDIA, as players would have to buy one of the tech company’s graphic cards or computers in 2018 to earn Response Unit. Of course, the deal was much sweeter than just a Back Bling. It also gave purchasers the Reflex skin, 2,000 V-Bucks, and a Nvidia-themed Pivot Glider. Unfortunately, the deal expired at the end of the year, so fans can only hope it returns if another collab between the two gets announced.

Rust Bucket

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Sometimes, developer Epic Games hands out free items whenever the game faces technical troubles and stops players from logging in. This happened in April 2018 when a majority of the player base couldn’t enter a match for days on end. As a result, those who journeyed over to the Item Shop the following week would find the Rust Bucket cosmetic free for the taking. Since then, the Back Bling has gone absent and likely won’t return.

Squire Shield

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Similar to the Black Shield, the Squire Shield was also obtainable through the Chapter 1 Season 2 Battle Pass. Though, it is not quite as rare. The Back Bling could be unlocked from the pass at Tier 1. Yes, that means the Squire Shield was the first ever cosmetic that players could own from Fortnite’s integrated Battle Pass system. Better yet, the Squire Shield is tailor-made for the Blue Squire skin, an outfit that bears the same exact blue and silver design.


Image via Epic Games

Another promotion-only Back Bling, Telemetry could be acquired through getting the Nintendo Switch Double Helix bundle in 2018. This included the console, 1,000 V-Bucks, and a cosmetic set that has still not appeared in the Item Shop. Alongside Telemetry, this set held the Double Helix skin, Rotor Glider, and the Pinpoint Glider. With the Switch bundle no longer for sale at any major retailer, the Telemetry Back Bling is painfully difficult to obtain nowadays.

Widow’s Pack

Image via Epic Games

The Widow’s Pack Back Bling is sadly a part of the game’s biggest mystery. Shortly after debuting in early 2019, the Back Bling and its dedicated Black Widow skin vanished from the Item Shop, never to return again. So far, there hasn’t been an explanation on why this happened or if the Marvel cosmetics will ever be in the digital marketplace once more. Widow’s Pack featured a plain black bag with the Black Widow logo placed in the center as well as a pair of batons.