The 10 worst maps for Killers in Dead By Daylight

The pressure is on the Killer here.


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While Killers are unequivocally the strongest force in Dead By Daylight, they can be exploited and evaded in the right circumstances. As long as they use the environment to their advantage, Survivors will set themselves up to give the Killer a headache and escape from the trial successfully. Here are the worst maps for Killers in Dead By Daylight sorted alphabetically.

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Worst maps for Killers in Dead By Daylight

Badham Preschool

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Badham Preschool contains a lot of buildings for Survivors to hop in as well as long stretches of fences keeping you from getting to them. With so many windows and palettes to separate Survivors from Killers, this is probably the worst map for a Killer to be put on. It’s a test in frustration and will only be a headache for you if there are any Survivors with any escape skills whatsoever.

Blood Lodge

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Where Blood Lodge lacks buildings for Survivors to hide in, it makes up for with walls to obstruct the Killer’s vision. Junk is thrown everywhere and can hide sneaky Survivors who are careful about their movements. In that junk lies tons of pallets for them to drop on you. The whole area does not play well for the Killer and is essentially a playground for Survivors to run circles around you.

Coldwind Farm

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Coldwind Farm has a lot of corn for Survivors to hide in and behind. They can easily use it to sneak out of sight before the Killer even sees them. With so much of the corn around, it can be really hard for a Killer to track skilled escape artists. Like some other locations you will see on this list, there are also a lot of routes that they can take, making anticipating a Survivor’s next move almost impossible. There are just too many places for them to hide as the Killer patrols an area.

Disturbed Ward

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Disturbed Ward has a large Asylum building that Survivors can easily exploit to get away from the Killer. There are quite a few lockers, palettes, and two Generators that are nearby each other and accessible. There are also multiple stairways to get to the top and back down, so there are many ways for Survivors to get in and escape pretty easily. Outside, there are a lot of high walls and corners for Survivors to duck behind. Killers will have a lot of searching to do when they arrive on this map.

Forsaken Boneyard

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Forsaken Boneyard is one of the brightest maps in Dead By Daylight, giving players a really good view of everything around them and seeing any Killers on the prowl. Outside of the main structure, the area is pretty wide open, giving a lot of maneuverability to Survivors. There isn’t much to stop them from running where they want, so chase downs can be pretty extensive.

Fractured Cowshed

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Fractured Cowshed is a map designed with many obstacles to get in the Killer’s way. First off, there is a cornfield that obstructs the player’s view and can hide Survivors for a significant portion of the map, but there is also a wooded area that gives Survivors many ways to turn to try and shake a Killer in a chase. The cowshed that the map gets its name from also has multiple windows for Survivors to escape through and lockers to hide in. Pretty much anywhere you go on this map, there is a viable escape plan for a Survivor.

Gas Heaven

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Being set in an abandoned gas depot, Gas Heaven is one of the least liked maps for fans of Dead by Daylight. The gas station features a generator that will open its big door when powered on. If the Killer comes in there before the generator is turned on, there are multiple windows that the Survivor can easily escape through, and sometimes there’s a pallet to drop on them. When the door closes, that essentially ends the chase immediately for the Killer. Outside of the gas station, there are many structures to hide Survivors and pallets galore for them to take advantage of.

Pale Rose

Image via Behaviour Interactive

The swamp levels are not very popular among Dead by Daylight players, regardless if they are playing as a Killer or Survivor. The map gets its name from the stranded boat in the level. This boat has multiple pallets, levels, staircases, and windows for a Survivor to use to escape and it can be a real headache for the Killer. Away from the ship, the map is one of the largest in the game and gives Survivors many chances to hide in the foliage and obstructions laid about. Pale Rose also has some of the poorest positioning for Hooks in the game for a Killer, and it can be very difficult to point out Survivors in its fog.

Raccoon City Police Department

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Raccoon Police Department does not have a lot of wide open spaces for Survivors to run around, but the area is essentially a labyrinth for everyone involved. There are twists and turns among the building’s various levels with a lot of hiding places for the sneaky Survivor to dip into. If you get into a chase with one, you should be able to stick on their tail pretty decently, but getting to that point can be more aggravating than other maps in the game.

Rotten Fields

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Rotten Fields is a large cornfield with barely else in it. The corn is a big problem though for some players who have issues seeing past the many cornrows, giving Survivors a tremendous advantage. Aside from corn, little stands out from this map besides a tree with dead pigs hanging from it. It is a very bland map that people playing as either Survivor or Killer do not particularly enjoy.