The 5 best snipers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Pick up a marksman tool that can do it all.

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From short-range quickscoping, to showing off your long-range marksmanship, snipers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 can be quite promising for players of all play-styles. That said, not all in the weapon category are created equally. While some have swift aim-down-sight times, others are known to slow, yet far deadlier. As it can be a difficult to solve for the greatest of all, here’s our list of the five best snipers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, counting down to our top choice.

What are the best snipers to use in MW2?

5. MCPR-300

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As the first sniper you will unlock (and likely use), you will find the MCPR-300 to be MW2’s version of fool’s gold. This is because the weapon is reliable when firing a well-placed shot, though every other gun in the category has a unique trait that makes the MCPR-300 insignificant. For instance, despite having an excellent ADS time for quickscoping, it doesn’t have the high damage or handling stats seen from its counterparts. In the meantime, those stuck with the sniper should apply its best attachments, such as the 19″ Silentfire barrel, to resolve its pesky recoil issues.

4. Signal 500

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Think of the Signal 500 as a faster, more mobile version of the MCPR-300 — and one that is perfect for beginner marksmen. The sniper has by far the highest firing rate of all in its class, working much like any of the game’s marksman rifles. This ultimately means you will have plenty of attempts to hit enemies in a short amount of time. Of course, this does come at a price. Its aim-down-sights time is certainly not quickscope-friendly, so it is best to use the tool exclusively at long range.

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3. Victus XMR

Image via Infinity Ward

If you fancy yourself as primarily a Ground War player, you should look no further than the Victus XMR. The Season 1 gun not only has phenomenal range and accuracy, it has the highest damage stat in the entire multiplayer armory. Thus, those who camp on top of buildings and remain glued to their scopes to search for enemies below may discover the Victus to be the most reliable. However, its mobility stats and ADS times are horrendous to say the least, so players who want quality movement and firing speed should look elsewhere.

2. LA-B 330

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The LA-B 330 is a bit of an oddity. It boasts respectable range, mobility, and can certainly zoom-in within the blink of an eye. Sadly, this lengthy hunk of metal can be tougher to handle than even most base marksman rifles, as its menacing gun kick makes it impossible to land multiple shots into opponents on a consistent basis. So, unless you are willing to level it up and earn attachments to improve its recoil, the LA-B 330 should only be considered as a useful secondary weapon.

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1. SP-X 80

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As a jack-of-all-trades, the SP-X 80 is undoubtedly the greatest sniper rifle to use on any multiplayer map. If you find yourself in a close-quarters location like Shipment, its ADS time and damage combine to create an outstanding quickscoping weapon that sees little to no hit-markers. Meanwhile, its expansive range even allows you to nab eliminations from across sprawling maps, such as Taraq and Santa Sena Border Crossing. In short, there’s nothing the SP-X 80 cannot do, and we hope it stays that way during every incoming season.