The best early game equipment in Forspoken

An outfit for every boss fight.

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Forspoken can be a challenging open-world action RPG filled with hostile wildlife, enemy soldiers, and deadly mutants looking to take a bite of you. The world of Athia is immense, so finding the right set of equipment and gear to give you an advantage can be tricky. This guide will explain which early game equipment in Forspoken will give you the best chance of surviving its challenges.

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The best weapons and gears to unlock early in Forspoken

Forspoken features a variety of magic spells to use and equipment to find and upgrade. This equipment is divided into three categories. Cloaks, Nails, and Necklaces. These items can be equipped to provide passive perks and enhance Frey’s core stats. This is the best early-game equipment you can use in Forspoken.

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The best early-game equipment to use is as follows.

  • The Pelerine Cloak: Critical hits can restore health to Frey.
  • The Orison Necklace: Auto-heal effects triggered when an enemy is defeated.
  • Slay Nails: Support magic deals more damage when Surge magic is fully charged.
  • Clutch Nails: Healing item effects are boosted when health is low.

You will obtain these items by following the main story, and you can explore the open world to gather the materials they require for upgrades. We suggest adding All Spell Damage increases to these gear pieces and upgrading Frey’s Defense. This will allow you to consistently heal yourself in combat and empower your abilities and spells.

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This loadout can easily carry you into chapter seven. The first region contains several Mutants or world bosses, and taking them out with this gear will earn you many powerful upgrades for late-game challenges. Before you take on Tanta Prav in chapter eight, we suggest looking at the map for other cloaks and necklaces to augment your playstyle and builds.