The best Fortnite settings for PS4

See enemies and chests clearly with these lesser-known options.

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Fortnite may have exclusive visual settings on current-gen hardware, but the free-to-play title still carries countless options that can improve your experience on PlayStation 4. More specifically, there are key settings that can be enabled for an easier time building structures, spotting chests, and aiming at enemies. So, if you are looking for a leg up in matches, here are the best settings you should use in Fortnite on PS4.

What are the best Fortnite settings on PlayStation 4?

Video settings

In terms of advantages, the Video settings tab offers up options that can allow you to see enemies and objects clearly. For instance, you should turn off motion blur in order to get a clear line of sight when running. It is important to note that some pro players prefer to use its Tritanope Color Blind Mode, as it primarily brightens darker colors on the map. If this option is not comforting, then it is best to keep it off.

  • Brightness: 120%
  • User interface contrast: 1x
  • Color Blind Mode: Off, unless needed
  • Color Blind Strength: 5
  • Motion Blur: Off

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Game settings

The Game settings may appear complicated, though most of its options are centered around completing actions at a faster pace. This includes the ability to choose which items will be sent to specific inventory slots, making it easier to separate your weapons and consumables. You can find all of the Game settings that should be changed below.

  • Matchmaking Region: Auto
    • Since the v23.40 update, the battle royale has an NA-Central server option to reduce the lag for those in the middle of the United States. If this is you and your region is set to NA-East or NA-West, it may be best to change it for reduced lag.
  • Toggle Sprint: On
  • Auto Open Doors: On
  • Mantle Activation: Hold Jump
  • Hold to Swap Pickup: Off
  • Toggle Targeting: Off
  • Mark Danger When Targeting: On
  • Auto Pick Up Weapons: Off
  • Preferred Item Slots: On
    • This settings allows for certain types of guns or items to be sent to particular inventory slots. To quickly switch to weapons, it is best to have your favorite weapon types in the left slots.
  • Auto Sort Consumables to the Right: On
  • Reset Building Choice: Off
  • Disable Pre-Edit Option: Off
  • Turbo Building: On
    • This features lets you continue building after you put down your first material by simply looking in the direction you want to build at.
  • Confirm Edit On Release: On
  • Invert View: Off
  • Invert Airborne Controls: Off
  • Turbo Delete in Creative Mode: On
  • Tap to Search: On
  • Low Input Latency Mode: On

UI settings

It is no secret that everything from the mini-map to your health bar can interrupt your view of enemies. With the UI settings, you are given the choice to either reduce their sizes or remove each HUD feature completely. Additionally, you can see which of your shots do the most damage by changing the Damage Numbers option.

  • Reticle: On
  • Reticle Ammo Indicator: On
  • Damage Numbers: List
  • Reticle Damage Feedback: Hit and Icons
  • HUD Scale: 80%

Controller options

For the safety of your DualShock 4, you should look to alter the Controller options so that you are not aggressively pushing down on your joysticks — which could lead to analog stick drift. This menu also allows you to change the sensitivity of your look and aim. In most cases, those wanting to have faster aim should start at 7 Look and Aim Sensitivity and then graduate to higher settings from there.

  • Controller Auto-Run: On
  • Build Immediately: On
  • Reset Camera Axes: Pitch
  • Reset Camera Time: .100
  • Viberation: On
  • Look Sensitivity: 7
  • Aim Sensitivity: 7

Audio settings

We cannot stress enough that the Audio settings are actually the most important to your success in battle royale modes. This is because the Visual Sound Settings directs you toward all chest types nearby and also displays the directions of enemy movement — which is as close to a cheat as it can come. The 3D Headphones setting will also prove useful, lending better audio quality to enemy footsteps.

  • 3D Headphones: On
  • Visual Sound Settings: On
  • Voice Chat: Everybody

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Control scheme

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When it comes to your controller present, there is no better option than the reliable Builder Pro. This scheme provides players the fastest way for building structures, as making materials only needs to be done through your front and back triggers. The same can also be said for combat, with the ability to cycle through weapons only requiring you to press R1.