The best Fortnite settings for PS4

Improve your game with the best setting for Fortnite on the Playstation 4!

You’ve heard of Fortnite, let’s not pretend like we need to explain about what was once the biggest game in the world and one that continues to be absurdly popular.

It’s a highly competitive game and one that features a lot of moving parts while you play. You have to manage loot, the map closing in on you, other players, building, editing, etc. It’s a lot, and to balance all of that, you will need the right controls to make your playing as efficient as possible.

The default controls of the game, while manageable, are not the best options for you to use. If you really want to do well, you’ll need to adjust your Controls to the right settings, which is where we come in.

This guide is specifically for the Playstation 4 so that you can use your Dualshock 4 to the best of its ability, racking up those Victory Royales in the process.

Controller Preset

Builder Pro with Tweaks

2019-06-09 14_17_29-Xbox ➡️ E3 on Twitter_ _Burn rubber

This is, by far the best option for selecting a controller preset.

The Builder Pro preset makes it easier and faster to build when you need to. By utilizing all four shoulder buttons to switch between different floors and walls, it speeds up the process of having to switch to building mode and finding the right piece you want.

However, it can serve as a basis for a better preset. The Builder Pro preset is not too friendly to editing, so we recommend assigning L3 as a way to switch to editing since your finger should already be there. If you are worried about getting rid of sprinting, you just turn on auto-running, and the problem will be solved!

You should also change your Crouch input to something specific while Building/Editing. The default Fortnite settings don’t allow you to easily crouch while in these modes.

Be sure to practice with this new preset for a bit in Team Rumble or Creative before you take it for a spin in a real match. Getting over muscle memory can be a difficult process.

Editing Settings

Tales of Arise E3 2019

The Editing settings we recommend are similar to the default ones, with minor changes to be more like shooting.

Change the selection of a square to L2 and the applying to R2 to allow for super quick edits and changes on the fly. In the same vein, we like to use R3 to reset as it feels faster when also working with L3 as the way to start Editing.

As always, use Creative to mess around with this setting to make sure you get it down.

Sensitivity Settings

Finding the right sensitivity for your controls can be a hard process. You don’t want to be too sluggish, and you don’t want to be so fast that you overshoot wherever you are trying to look.

The settings in the pictures below, in our opinion, are the best settings to have for your sensitivity. There are many different things you can play with and settings to change, so it can be overwhelming to try. Feel free to follow these exact numbers or play around with it to find the perfect level for you.

Elden Ring

Here is a basic rundown of the numbers you see above:

Edit hold time: 0.200 seconds
Look Sensitivity: 6
Aim Sensitivity: 6
Build Mode Sensitivity options: 2.5x
Edit Mode Sensitivity options: 2.5x
Look horizontal speed: 16%
Look vertical speed: 16%
Turning horizontal boost: 16%
Turning vertical boost: 16%
Turning boost ramp time: 0.20 seconds
ADS look horizontal speed: 16%
ADS look vertical speed: 16%
ADS turning horizontal boost: 0%
ADS turning vertical boost: 0%
ADS turning boost ramp time: 0.20 seconds
Move stick deadzone: 24%
Look stick deadzone: 27%

Many of these numbers were drawn from how many professional players have their settings set up, but we played with them to fit our personal preferences. Again, play around with them and see what works for you!

Linear vs. Exponential

There are two different factors when it comes to sensitivity settings in Fortnite: Linear and Exponential.

Linear is focused on the raw input from the joystick, meaning your movement on the sticks is closer to the default sensitivity of the controller. Exponential is for more pronounced movements based on the amount of force applied to the joystick. We couldn’t find an amount for these settings that we felt was the “best.” It’s going to be something else for you to play around with and find the right fit.

Control Options

These are the settings that affect your ability to do certain actions in the game and more. These images show off what we think is the best way to play:


Toggle sprint: OFF
Sprint by default: ON
Sprint cancels reloading: OFF
Tap to search/interact: ON
Toggle targeting: OFF
Reset building choice: ON
Aim assist: ON
Edit mode aim assist: OFF
Turbo building: ON
Auto material change: ON
Controller auto-run: ON
Allow cross platform parties: ON
Auto open doors: OFF
Auto pick up weapons: OFF
Auto sort consumables to right: ON
Controller edit hold time: 0.145
Vibration: OFF

Deadzone Settings

These settings are important if you find any of your joysticks drifting or becoming less responsive due to age and use.

Halo Infinite

These settings are something you may not really notice very much and are going to depend on your controller. You very well may not need to touch these at all and be just fine.

Camera and Display Settings

Your camera and HUD are hugely important, more than you may know. Having minimal distractions on the screen can be the difference between winning and losing, especially with so much else to pay attention to.

Camera and Display Settings

We prefer to play with Aircraft controls inverted as that feels more natural to us. We also like to have the Spectator Count and the FPS number off to take away as much HUD as we can.

Wireless Controller Targeting Sens: 0.572
Wireless Controller Scope Sensitivity: 0.570
Wireless Controller Building Sensitivity: 1.608
Wireless Controller Edit Mode Sensitivity: 2.000
Invert View: OFF
Invert Aircraft Controls: ON
Anonymous Mode: OFF
Hide Other Player Names: OFF
Hidden Matchmaking Delay: 0
Scale of HUD: 1.00
Show Spectator Count: OFF

There you have it. With these settings, we believe you will be in a better place to win your matches, or at least player better than you were. These are just a basis as well, and we encourage you to experiment and play around to find the settings you like best!