The best Hisuian Braviary moveset in Pokémon Go

What moves should you teach Hisuian Braviary?

Image via Niantic

Hisuian Braviary in Pokémon Go is a difficult Pokémon to capture. It’s a unique Pokémon, and adding it to your collection will bring you one step further to catching all Hisuian Pokémon. After you catch it, you want to get the most out of this Pokémon by teaching it the best attacks. This guide details the best Hisuian Braviary moveset in Pokémon Go.

The best Hisuian Braviary attacks

Hisuian Braviary is a Psychic and Flying-type Pokémon. It will be weak against Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, and Rock-type moves, but it is resistant against Fighting, Grass, Ground, and Psychic-type attacks. While this Pokémon likely won’t be used against other players, we recommend you use it in raids or have it protect Gyms in your local area.

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These are all the moves Hisuian Braviary can learn.

Image via Niantic

Fast moves

  • Air Slash (Flying-type) – 9 damage and 3 energy per turn (3 damage per turn) 3 turns
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic-type) – 8 damage and 2 energy per turn (2.6 damage per turn) 3 turns

Charged moves

  • Brave Bird (Flying-type) – 130 damage and 55 energy (100% chance to lower user’s defenses by three ranks)
  • Dazzling Gleam (Fairy-type) – 110 damage and 70 energy
  • Ominous Wind (Ghost-type) – 45 damage and 45 energy (10% chance to increase user’s attack and defense by two ranks)
  • Psychic (Psychic-type) – 90 damage and 55 energy (10% chance to lower user’s defense by one rank)

You have several move choices when using Hisuian Braviary. For the fast moves, we highly recommend Air Slash over Zen Headbutt. Air Slash is a superior attack because of how much energy it provides, and it will do more damage than Zen Headbutt throughout a prolonged fight. It’s going to be the better choice every time.

Next, for the charged moves, you have multiple options available to you. Again, finding the correct combination that works for you will be tricky. We recommend going with Ominous Wind and Psychic, but most players will likely want to pick Brave Bird and Psychic or Brave Bird and Ominous Wind.

Brave Bird is an extremely powerful Flying-type move, but it comes with a significant debuff to its user, lowering its attack and defense by several ranks. Still, it does 130 damage, and you only need 55 energy. The attack, Psychic, will receive an increased damage modifier because Hisuian Braviary is a Psychic-type but requires 50 energy. You might be better off with Ominous Wind, although it does significantly less damage. However, with Air Slash as the fast move, Hisuian Braviary can cover multiple attack types using Ominous Wind and Psychic, but many players prefer to have Brave Bird in their line-up of attacks. The choice is ultimately up to you and how you plan to use Hisuian Braviary.

The best moveset to teach Hisuian Braviary is the fast move Air Slash and the charged moves Brave Bird and Ominous Wind or Psychic.