The best mods for Hades

More fishing and plenty of new ways to progress through the game.

Image via Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games generally doesn’t offer official support for mods, but there are still plenty around to choose from. Some of the developers from the studio, like Kid_Zomb, have even mentioned that they are “curious to see what our player community is interested in on this front.” Unsurprisingly, many mods are designed for outright cheating in the game, but some utilitarian mods are available for players to use. The game’s modding community is starting to grow, and a popular Discord community helps people in their modding endeavors. Here is our list of the best mods currently available for Hades in no particular order.

Please note that while some of these mods allow players to cheat, we suggest steering away from them until you have completed at least one successful run. This is a fantastic game, and we encourage its players to experience everything the game has to offer. Some of these mods are waiting to be updated after the recent 1.0 release.

Better Bow

The bow is probably the worst weapon in the game for a lot of players. This mod changes the basic stats of the bow, specifically the charged shot, to make it more useful in-game and more fun to use. This mod doesn’t change the weapon so drastically that it is game-breaking, but it certainly makes the bow a more viable weapon. It increases the range, damage, and velocity of the charged shot. It also increases the small window to land a perfect shot.

Climb of Sisyphus

This mod lets you enter an endless mode after you complete a run. If you are having a really good time on a run, or just have a really fun build, this mod allows you to keep playing. After you beat the final boss and are given the chance to return to the House of Hades, you will be given a dialogue box with the option to exit or continue your run. If you choose to continue, you will completely start over in the first chamber of Tartarus. You will keep your weapon, stats, upgrades, and boons from the run. This allows you to keep going for as long as you want.

Codex Menu

Image via LRevolution

LRevolution’s Codex Menu mod turns the codex into a cheat menu. This is an excellent mod to have if you are on your second playthrough and want to breeze through certain portions of the game. After opening the codex, you can spawn rewards, switch weapons, open the Pact of Punishment, or even clear all of your boons. Just click on any pertinent item in the codex and hold C for a few seconds for it to spawn or to make another menu pop up. This is also a nice tool to have if you go on a run and realize you forgot to switch weapons or Mirror of Night abilities.

Ello’s Starting Boon Selector

Image via LRevolution

Starting Boon Selector mod lets you choose the seed used to generate each run. The mod specifically focuses on the RNG seed needed to decide the first Boon you get. You can change the seed by opening the Boon Menu before you go on a run and clicking on the new button at the bottom. You will be given a new interface with arrows to choose the seed. The interface will also show you which god will appear first in the run. You can also set it to get a Hammer of Daedalus first instead. This is a great mod for getting the Boon or upgrade you need for a particular build early on.

Loot Choice Extender

Image via MagicGonadsNEW

Loot Choice Extender mod by MagicGonadsNEW allows you to extend the loot choice menu to give you more than three options. This mod requires a little bit of configuration to be able to get the most out of it. To configure the mod, you will need an editor like Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code. Players can alter the MinExtraLootChoices and MaxExtraLootChoices lines to change how many options appear in each run. This can alter options like Boon and Hammer of Daedalus menus. This is a handy mod if you are trying to create a particular weapon build but are worried you won’t get the right Boons or upgrades for it in your run. If you are interested in creating your own mods, the creator of this mod designed it to be used in other mods. This mod requires ModUtil to be used.

Magic’s Mod Importer

The Mod Importer by MagicGonad is essential for modding Hades. The importer is a simple Python script that allows you to easily install most mods for the game. This tool works hand-in-hand with the Mod Utility in making the creation and installation of mods very easy. You will need to have Python 3 installed to be able to use this tool.

Mod Utility

Mod Utility is a mod by MagicGonadsNew that doesn’t actually do anything on its own. This utility makes modding Hades and Pyre a little easier. It is mainly used for mapping tables and wrapping functions. Lots of mods make use of this utility to run. It is a good idea to go ahead and have it installed and keep it updated to use a lot of mods currently available. If you want to start creating mods for Hades or just making mods in general, this utility provides a nice base to start with, and the creator has a GitHub repository with a ton of good information for using it.

Turbo Zagreus

Image via Pistachiola

If you want to go for a speed run, or just like spamming Adamant Rail grenades, this is a nice mod to have. As the name suggests, the mod increases your speed in all areas. Your speed is only limited by how fast you can spam your keyboard. This is really good if you want to see how fast you can run the entire dungeon, or if you just really like making things explode very quickly.

WUPCR – Weapon Upgrade Cost Reducer

Like the name says, this mod reduces the cost to upgrade your weapons. Titan Blood can be difficult to come by for new players, even with the help of farming methods. If you are just dying to try out a new weapon aspect, or if you are a veteran player that wants to start a new game with a specific aspect, this is a good mod to have. The mod is configurable, so you can change the upgrade cost to whatever you like. All you need is an editor like Visual Studio Code or Notepad++. Change the values of the Bloodcost variable in WUPCR.lua to set the cost to any level you wish.

Zagreus the Angler

Image via AkemiNakamura

You can now spend more time enjoying the best part of Hades, the fishing. This mod by AkemiNakamura makes some small alterations to the game’s fishing mechanics. You can spend more time fishing, and pools spawn more frequently. The mod also removes fake bobs and increases the spawn rate of all fish.