The best place to farm Pistols on Athenas in Borderlands 3 – Loot the Universe

Time to earn some loot.

Image via Gearbox Software

The Loot the Universe event has moved in Borderlands 3. Previously, you were looking for legendary drops all over Pandora. Now, from Apr. 30 to May 7, the hunt for the most loot possible takes you to Promethea. However, not every legendary spawn will take you to this planet.

‘You can find a handful of spawns on Athenas, especially if you’re looking for pistols. You have a few options of where you can farm several enemies in this location, making it a great place for you to locate a new pistol to add to your arsenal.

There are two notable locations for you to reliably farm pistols on Athenas. The first area is in the second courtyard location, shortly after the initial spawn location. You can find yourself facing a handful of Flash troopers, heavy troopers, and NOGs who spawn into this location.

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The second one is deeper into Athenas. It’s close to the graveyard, where you can fight Private Beans. During the fight with Private Beans, a handful of Flash Troopers can drop in on you, adding more to your farm.

A great way to optimize both locations is to ensure you have the Revenge of the Cartels event turned on while you farm. If you do, additional minions will spawn into the location, giving you more enemies to take out and increasing your chances of obtaining more loot.

After you finish handling each of these locations, fast travel back to the Santucyar and then repeat the process all over again. You want to make sure you crank up your Mayhem level to the highest difficulty you can set it to earn the highest quality of loot. If you reach Mayhem level 10, you can loot Anointed legendaries 100 percent of the time.

Additionally, we have all of the Promethea legendary drop locations and what they have for the planet’s Loot the Universe event.