The best Qiqi build in Genshin Impact

Aggressive healing.

Genshin Impact

Qiqi is a fantastic healer because her healing stems directly from her ability to do damage. She can also actively heal by fighting, or passively heal, which you use another character, making her extremely versatile. Her healing also scales with her ATK stat, making her pretty easy to build.

When build Qiqi, you basically want to max her ATK stat as much as possible, and then use an Artifact that set that will buff her healing ability. If you cannot get one, simply use anything that will buff her ATK stat until you get a healing boosting set.


Qiqi actually has quite a few good options for Swords, so you will be able to use whatever you prefer. The main thing to look for is an increase in the ATK stat.

The Sacrificial Sword, obtained from Wishes, will give you a 40 to 80% chance to automatically reset the cooldown of an elemental skill that hits enemies, while the Skyward Blade (also obtained from Wishes) will give you buffs to movement speed, ATK speed, and damage, buffing those active heals from fighting.

Finally, a surprisingly strong option is the 3 Star Fillet Blade, which will give you anywhere from 240 to 400% ATK damage, at a 50% chance. This will substantially boost healing.

Artifact Set

The Maiden Beloved set will give you improved healing at two pieces, and a further improvement to full party healing at four pieces when you use an Elemental Skill or a Burst. This is great, as her Herald of Frost is the source of her healing, so you really want that buff.

You can get the Maiden Beloved Set from the Valley of Remembrance near Dawn Winery in Mondstadt. You can also get lucky and find it in chests

  • Maiden’s Distant Love
  • Maiden’s Heart-Stricken Infatuation
  • Maiden’s Passing Youth
  • Maiden’s Fleeting Leisure
  • Maiden’s Fading Beauty