The best Qiqi build in Genshin Impact

Aggressive healing.

Genshin Impact

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Qiqi is a veteran 5-star character in Genshin Impact and one of the more prolific healers in the game. Qiqi is a Cryo character who wields a sword. While she doesn’t contribute much in the way of damage or buffs, Qiqi is a great healer for those situations where you need a little more defensive utility.

As a Standard Character, Qiqi is available to summon on the Standard Banner and on any Limited Event Wish banner. Players often fear the day when Qiqi will make an appearance on their account, but if you are in need of a healer, Qiqi can do the trick. Follow this guide to learn how to best take advantage of the pesky Qiqi.

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Best weapons for Qiqi in Genshin Impact

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Fortunately, as a healer, Qiqi is not in need of heavy investment or 5-star weapons. This makes her one of the cheaper characters to build, and this reflects nicely when deciding which weapon to pop on Qiqi.

  • The Sacrificial Sword is a good weapon that allows Qiqi to maximize the uptime on her Elemental Skill. Qiqi does not generate any Energy Particles, which also makes the Energy Recharge buff on this weapon an attractive option for her. This also increases the uptime on Qiqi’s best artifact set, allowing you to buff the team if you combine this weapon with the Tenacity of the Millelith artifact.
  • The Favonius Sword is another good option for Qiqi, which offers a different set of utilities for your team. The Favonius Sword generates Energy Particles when Qiqi lands a critical hit, which allows Qiqi to actually generate energy for herself and the team.

Both of these weapons are easy to obtain for both veteran and free-to-play players alike.

Best artifacts for Qiqi in Genshin Impact

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Qiqi’s healing is sufficient, so we don’t need to buff it too much. This means there are a number of viable artifact sets that can synergize with your Qiqi based on what you are looking for.

  • The 4-piece Tenacity of the Millelith set is one of Qiqi’s best sets and allows Qiqi to have some utility in your team aside from healing. This artifact set provides a 20% ATK buff for your party members when an Elemental Skill is used and hits an enemy. This also works when the character is not on the field, which works with Qiqi’s off-field healing. This allows Qiqi to provide an easy 20% ATK buff for your team.
  • The 4-piece Ocean Hued Clam set is her next best option and allows Qiqi to play a more offensive role on your team. This artifact set increases Qiqi’s healing, and also allows her to deal some damage. In this set, after doing a significant amount of healing, a projectile will be formed that seeks out and deals heavy damage. Because of Qiqi’s insane healing, you can actually do some decent damage with Qiqi this way.

Best teams for Qiqi in Genshin Impact

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Qiqi is a Cryo healer, giving her a limited number of teams she can work with:

  • Eula / Qiqi / Fischl / Raiden Shogun: This is a team that slots Qiqi into the healer role, supporting Eula and Raiden Shogun as they deal damage. The main weakness of this team is Qiqi’s lack of energy generation, which makes it difficult for Eula to keep her Elemental Burst up.
  • Razor / Qiqi / Rosaria / Xingqiu: This is another Physical team that allows Qiqi to support Razor, providing Superconduct and defensive utility as Rosaria and Xingqiu contributes to some extra team damage.