Where to find Violetgrass in Genshin Impact

Let’s cheer up, Qiqi!

Qiqi Staring at Violetgrass in Genshin Impact

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While Qiqi and Xinyan have often been the tragic victims of derision due to their lack of meta-effectiveness in Genshin Impact, such points shouldn’t dissuade fans from picking Violetgrass for their favorite two characters. After all, even if you do not plan on using the lovable zombie or passionate musician in combat, Violetgrass is a useful ingredient for cooking the Black-Back Perch Stew for HP Recovery or Stone Harbor Delicacies for CRIT Rate boosting. 

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How to get Violetgrass in Genshin Impact

Planting Violetgrass in Genshin Impact
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Like Calla Lily in Genshin Impact, you have three primary sources from which you can procure Violetgrass for cooking or Qiqi and Xinyan. The first method is through gardening with the Luxuriant Glebe farm plot in your Serenitea Pot. You can buy seeds for Violetgrass from Tubby’s Realm Depot on a weekly basis. The growth period will take roughly three days until you can harvest the planted Violetgrass.

NPC Vendors for Violetgrass in Genshin Impact
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The second convenient way of getting Violetgrass in Genshin Impact is by purchasing the flower from one of three merchants: Herbalist Gui, Verr Goldet, and Babak. Herbalist Gui operates the Bubu Pharmacy, where you initially meet Qiqi during the Liyue story. Verr Goldet is the owner of the Wangshu Inn, the lofty lodging on the island between Dihua Marsh and the Guili Plains. Thirdly, you can find Babak in Port Ormos of Sumeru. His Local Specialties shop sits on the southeastern side of the port.

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Best locations to farm Violetgrass in Genshin Impact

Violetgrass Map Locations in Genshin Impact
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With over 200 respawning Violetgrass nodes across Genshin Impact’s Liyue, it is rather ineffective to list out every possible location in writing. Nevertheless, ideal places to farm this resource would be:

  • The Chasm’s outer ring
  • Lingju Pass
  • Huaguang Stone Forest
  • The rocky unnamed ruins northeast of Jueyun Karst
  • The surrounding area of Mingyun Village
  • The general highlands west of the Stone Gate
Qiqi Collecting Violetgrass in Genshin Impact
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When searching for Violetgrass, we highly recommend having Qiqi in your active party, even if you are not using her. Her Utility Passive is “Former Life Memories,” which enables Liyue’s Local Specialties to appear as “hand icons” on your minimap, making it much easier to find flowers like Violetgrass. Remember that the resource typically grows on rocky ridges, giant boulders, and the cliffsides of mountains. Alternatively, you use YouTube videos or Interactive Maps to better navigate to the exact locations of Violetgrass in Genshin Impact.