The best Rosalina gear builds in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Shoot for the stars, Rosalina.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Unlike characters like Yoshi, Rosalina is a more well-rounded character that specializes in more than two attributes. When making a build for Rosalina, one must focus on her high strength, shooting, and technique attributes. These skills are the backbone of her character and give her an edge over other characters in the game. Similar to Peach, it is pretty easy to make a build for Rosalina in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

The well-rounded build

If you would rather not have Rosalina stand out for her three skills, you could make her more well-rounded and even out her attributes in a way that makes her viable on all fronts. Of course, this comes at the cost of decreasing her primary attributes a little. If you prefer someone who is all-around good then that shouldn’t be a problem. You will need the following gear for this build:

  • Turbo Helmet
  • Chain Gauntlets
  • Cannon Plate
  • Trick Boots

After all of the gear is put on, you should see that Rosalina’s stats are now all hovering around the 12 point mark with her having a noticeable lack of technique.

The speed shooter build

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Instead of being a well-rounded individual, you could opt to make Rosalina focus heavily on the speed and shooting attributes so that she is a force to be reckoned with. This build will noticeably lower Rosalina’s strength, passing, and technique stats, but it will give her a major increase in both her speed and shooting. You will need the following gear for this build:

  • Turbo Helmet
  • Turbo Gloves
  • Cannon Plate
  • Cannon Boots

After all of the gear has been placed, you will see that Rosalina has over 20 in her shooting attribute and a solid 13 speed. She will be able to move down the field at a decent rate and fire the ball into the net without a problem.

The strength build

Rosalina also shines with her strength attribute being 14. Upgrading this attribute will make her a hard-hitting maniac on the field that opponents should fear. If you want her to show her true strength, equip the following pieces of gear to her:

  • Muscle Helmet
  • Muscle Gauntlets
  • Muscle Chest
  • Turbo Boots

Despite having all that strength, this build makes it so Rosalina won’t lose any of her speed. Instead, her speed will increase to 11 and her strength will hit an astounding 20 points. Even Bowser won’t want to mess with you at this point.