The best skins for Ash in Apex Legends

Stylish simulacrum.

Image via EA

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape re-introduced us Dr. Ashleigh Reid, also known as Ash, a ruthless simulacrum with a desire to win the Apex Games not for fame, but for knowledge. To fit Ash’s incredibly aggressive and daunting character, you’ll want to fashion her with some of the most menacing skins currently available within Apex Legends. Who knows — you might even scare away other Legends in the arena before you get to fight them. Here are all of Ash’s best skins in Apex Legends.

Year-Round Legendary Skins

Fallen Angel

Screenshot by Gamepur

Chaotic Emerald

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Fallen Angel and Chaotic Emerald skins for Ash both build upon Ash’s futuristic look by adding some elements that really make her look like a cyberpunk assassin. These skins will definitely be fan-favorites and will probably get some pretty cool recolors in future updates.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Mercenary Mystique

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Eagle-Eyed and Mercenary Mystique will be the favorite of all horror enthusiasts. These skins both feature a ragged makeshift look, really giving Ash the hunter-killer feel. Stalk your prey in the rough tropic jungle and attack at the perfect moment on Storm Point with these terrifying skins.

Launch Bundle skin

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final skin on our list also happens to be our favorite, Chain of Command. This skin perfectly fits Ash’s ruthless assassin vibe, while also looking like a fortified knight from the future. To get this skin, you must buy the launch bundle for 3,000 Apex Coins or 2,250 Apex Coins if you already have Ash unlocked. Be quick if you want this one, as launch bundles don’t stay in the store for very long, and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.