Best Texture Packs in Terraria 1.4

Give Terraria a whole new feel with the best Texture Packs you can use in the 1.4 update!

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This past May saw the last major update come to Terraria, the popular action-adventure game from the developer, Re-Logic. The update added a lot of new content to the game for players to enjoy, but most notably, it officially added the ability to add texture packs to the game and allows players to access their packs from the main menu.

Texture packs are add-on files that players usually create that change the appearance of some or all of the game’s content and sprites. This could be weapons, enemies, furniture, NPC’s, you name it. They aim to allow the player to tweak the game how they want and even change the entire art direction as they play.

You can check out what Texture Packs are available to try out right now at the Terraria Texture Pack forums, but we know that there are many packs to sift through. To help with the process, we have a list of our five best Texture Packs you can use in Terraria 1.4 right now!

The Spectacle Texture Pack

This Texture Pack is extensive, yet simple. The goal of this pack is to simply present a better experience for the player, altering and improving almost every sprite and texture in the base game and giving it a better look. It just gives the game an overall higher quality in terms of how it looks.

The Spectacle Texture Pack has been around since before the 1.4 update, but it is still a popular choice among players. This is due to just how much work the pack has done to improve the look of the game, including updating over 300 sprites, refining the game’s UI, and more.

PRIME Texture Pack

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Another fairly simple pack that you can add to the game and this one is designed to give you the original game’s experience.

Mods and packs are a lot of fun, but they can often drastically change the experience of playing a game. Some times, we just want to experience the base game, as it is. Much like the Spectacle Pack, the PRIME pack is designed to make the base game just look better. While the Spectacle Pack has some change that alters the feel of the game, the PRIME pack aims to keep that same feel while making the game look better.

The pack really gives the vanilla game a great look that still maintains the spirit of the base game.

Better Ambiance Pack

If you can’t tell by now, we are all about the simple packs that just make the base game a better experience, and Ambiance Pack is no different.

As the developer notes, what started out as a simple alteration to the game’s colors turned into a bigger overhaul of how the game looks. The pack takes the original, dreary color of the sky and adds more color variation, which gives more depth than before as well, giving the game a much more vibrant feel during the day.

The pack also gives more detail to the sun, refines the look of water, and gives a more vibrant and detailed look to many backgrounds in the game.

Calamity Pack

This pack doesn’t just change the look of the environments but also brings some tweaks to the HUD.

When you install the calamity pack, you can clearly see some big changes come to the health and mana bars, which look really cool. It gives the game a more rustic feel and changes the way biomes and blocks can look. It completely changes the look and feel of the game and is an entertaining way to experiment with how you play the game.

Captain America Shield – Texture Pack

This is about as simple as you can get with a Texture Pack, but our inner-comic nerd couldn’t resist adding this to our list.

The change to the game is very small: replace the “Sergeant United Shield” with Captain America’s iconic shield. That’s it. It’s a small change, but if you’re like us, you still love just having the shield on your character. Sometimes the simplest things can be what gives you the most fun.

All of these packs are simple, yet they can bring some really interesting changes to the game. They may look rather small on the outside, but when you’re in them, you can notice just how much their small changes add up to big changes.

Terraria is a game all about being creative and exploring different ways of playing. Each of these packs will give you the ability to do just that on an entirely different level. 

Terraria is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and macOS. So, pretty much everything!