The best way to get Score in MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge in Fortnite

Gain thousands of Score by chasing after one type of collectible.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s crossover with MrBeast delivers one wild Creative experience in the shape of MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge. The map challenges players with dodging an assortment of obstacles and completing mini-games in return for Score. This Score is certainly more than just a number, as the player who earns the highest during the map’s live event wins a $1 million USD prize. So, to ensure you have the greatest odds of becoming the champ, here is the best way to earn Score on MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge in Fortnite.

Best method for earning Score on MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge map

You can earn Score on MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge map through numerous ways, from surviving Droppers to simply doing what MrBeast says. Although mini-games can amass over 3,000 Score each time they are completed, the best and fastest way to collect a higher Score is through collecting as many coins as possible. You can expect these to appear about every 20 seconds in the challenge, with each lending anywhere from 100 to 1,000 Score.

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Each coin’s Score value is also highlighted above them. So, if you notice a low 100 Score coin near a hazard, it may be best to avoid picking it up in order to save health. Those who happen to risk their health to obtain a coin shouldn’t stress. Once you have returned to the main platform after each mini-game, at least one green heart will appear in front of you and can be picked up to restore small amounts of health. However, you should be careful as to where you step, as portions of the platform marked with an “X” will soon disappear and have you fall into the damaging waters.

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MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge map times and rewards

Those practicing on the map can anticipate the competition to be live on December 17 from 12 PM ET to 3 PM ET. During that time, you can play as many matches you’d like, with only your highest Score counting toward the event. Aside from its cash prize, participants can also earn the Beast Brella Umbrella, a Glider that fittingly matches MrBeast’s Icon Series skins.