The best ways to grind levels in Fire Emblem Engage

You need to level up your characters to prepare for the battles to come.

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Leveling will prove to be problematic in Fire Emblem Engage. There are only a handful of ways you and your companions can level up, and carefully constructing your team to make sure you have the best choices possible to reach the end of the game can take a bit of time. There are a few ways you can go out of your way to make sure you’re getting the most out levels for your character to create an ideal party. Here’s what you need to know about the best ways to grind levels in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to grind levels in Fire Emblem Engage


One of the best ways to level up your characters is to participate in Skirmishes. These appear throughout the map and offer an excellent way to beef up your characters before taking on some of the tougher Chapter stories as you dive further into the main story. Not only will you earn plenty of experience points for taking out the enemies in the many Skirmishes, but there are valuable resources awaiting you should you reach the end of an encounter.

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The Arena

The Arena is another way to level up some of your characters in-between battles. Every time you complete a Chapter battle, Skirmish, or Training Battle on the map, return to Somniel, and The Arena will be available. You can participate in three practice fights between your characters, with the chosen character receiving the experience points. Should the character lose, they gain a modest amount of experience points, but if they win, they gain a larger amount of experience. Unfortunately, these battles are random, so you don’t have a good idea if your character will win or lose.

Tower of Trials

The third method is participating in the Tower of Trials, namely the Temptest Trial, which unlocks after Chapter 11. Various maps appear at this location, where you and your party will take down back-to-back battles. None of the items you use in these battles are used up, and any character who gets to the end of this encounter receives a decent amount of experience points. Unfortunately, these battles are rather grueling, and they can eat up a lot of time, so you may not be tempted to join these battles given the time requirement.