The Division 2: Dark Zone Chests and Where To Find Dark Zone Keys

The Dark Zone in The Division 2 is not a place you can take things lightly. Not only do you have to worry about encountering elite enemy NPCs with heavy equipment, but there’s also the potential to run into other players who out to steal loot from you, and rack up kills. You need to remain cautious here. However, for those more experienced in these areas, you’re willing to take the risk to find the Dark Zone keys. The Dark Zone keys allow you to grab some of the best loot in The Division 2, and this guide breaks down where you can find them. If you haven’t already, make sure you read our beginner’s guide to the Dark Zone if you’re not already familiar with it.

Dark Zone Chests and Where To Find Dark Zone Keys

Acquiring The Keys

You have two methods to collect these keys. The first method is to loot them off of elite enemies. You can find these enemies lurking around landmarks throughout the Dark Zone, so if you want a straight fight, head over there and try your luck. You won’t loot one every time, but you have a high chance of making it happen.

The other method of acquiring these keys is to steal them from other players. And the only way you can take them away from another Division agent is by taking them down. There’s no indicator that they’re carrying one. You’ll have to decide for yourself if taking out a player is worth the risk to grab one of these keys, and use it one of the chests. Is the loot worth? Open a few Dark Zone chests and see if you like what you see.

Finding The Dark Zone Chests

You can find these chests in a variety of areas, such as nearby landmarks, checkpoints, or even in the alleyways between buildings. As long as you’re in the Dark Zone, and are willing to search around, you’ll find one of these chests. You’ll know you’ve located one with some great gear when you see it requires you to open it using two Dark Zone keys.

Opening Alternative

There is another method for you to open these chests. Instead of using a key, you can have your Division agent hack the chest, which takes a couple of seconds. As long as they can stand there, they can have the ability to hack it. This action does come with a consequence, though.

As soon as you’ve finished hacking it, you’ll receive the rogue status. This status flags you for PvP, allowing you to fight other Division players you encounter, for a short period. The first rogue status lasts a little over a minute, so if you’re willing to risk the loot for the potential to lose it, go for it. You always have the option to gain full rogue status, thereby gaining the location to one of the Thieves Den located in the world; it’s up to you, though.