How to unlock clans and create them in The Division 2

Joining or creating a clan makes group activities in The Division 2 easier to complete

You don’t want to go it alone in The Division 2. The best way to play the game is to join up with a group to take on the higher tier challenges in the game. You can do a handful of them yourself, but if you want some of the best gear, you need to work together and create a worthwhile team to play. An excellent way to do that is through clans.

Recruiting Grace Larson

Before creating or joining a clan, you need to recruit Grace Larson to the White House. You should meet her by going through the game and reach the Viewpoint Museum. You need to complete the entire mission to have Grace appear in the game.

After the mission, Grace appears in the theater settlement. Find her in the settlement and speak to her. After talking to her, the ability to create and join clans in the game should unlock.

Joining and creating clans

After speaking to Grace in the theater settlement, all you have to do is open up the main menu by hitting the ESC key on your mouse and keyboard, the options button on your PlayStation 4 controller, or the menu button your Xbox One. Go to the left side of the menu, and you should see the clan option. Select it, and you can choose to locate a clan or create a new one. If a friend sent you an invitation, go over to your inbox to see any outstanding requests you may have.

When you choose to find an existing clan, there are several filters you can place to find the exact clan you want to join. You can locate one based on their activities, when they most actively play, the atmosphere of the clan, if they have a mic requirement, the language they speak, and the region of the members play.