The Exfil Bug In MW3 Zombies [Explained]

MW3 Zombies has a frustrating exfil bug, causing players to get stuck in Urzikstan. Here’s how to avoid it and save your loot.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Image via Activision

MW3’s Zombies mode succeeded Modern Warfare 2’s open-world DMZ, which means it also inherited some of that title’s problems. If your final exfil didn’t show up (or you couldn’t activate it in the first place), we have a solution to save your bacon next time.

Slaying undead hordes in Urzikstan might be my favorite thing to do in the entire game, but being built on the bones of DMZ means it can be punishing sometimes. The pain of losing a good Perk, Aethereum upgrade, or Schematic is devastating in a way that no Multiplayer match can stand up to. The pain is magnified if dying isn’t your fault.

That said, there’s a final Exfil bug in MW3 Zombies that’s weighing players down, and getting out early is the only way to avoid it.

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What is MW3 Zombies Exfil Bug

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Exfil bug in Modern Warfare 3 typically occurs at the final Exfil location, but players have also reported that it can trigger any time after the last 15-minute timer starts. No matter how quickly you get to the green smoke zone, your Exfil helo won’t spawn.

You may get the prompt to call in air support, but clicking it yields no positive results—only an army of angry flesh-eaters storming directly at your face.

I’ve only experienced this once in roughly 25 rounds, so it doesn’t seem too common, but it’s good to be prepared. It’s not the kind of thing you want to panic about, as losing time will only haunt you even further.

How to Fix MW3 Zombies Exfil Bug

Image via Activision Blizzard

To fix the Exfil bug in MW3 Zombies, don’t wait for the final 15-minute timer. When the initial 45-minute timer is almost up, drive to the nearest extraction point and call for help. 

There are usually three or four extraction points within reach, so pick the closest one, but keep an open mind about pivoting if problems arise. Low Threat Areas will always be more reliable options, as you can wave clear much faster in these easier zones.

This method is the only way to ensure you make it out alive. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to detect the Exfil bug early, so giving yourself time to check other safe locations could be the difference between extraction and losing all of your stuff.

It stinks that we have to be extra vigilant about watching the clock right now, but it’s better than losing a Ray Gun Schematic to the storm (or a Lovecraftian nightmare creature.)