Tears of the Kingdom – Talus Heart Locations & Uses

The Talus are formidable foes in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you a way to use Talus Hearts as a useful item.

The Talus enemies have returned to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These were massive, rock-like enemies that appeared in Breath of the Wild, and now these foes have continued to appear throughout Hyrule.

When you defeat them, they drop a specific item known as a Talus Heart. It’s a massive, rock-like heart that was likely serving as this creature’s center, and it has a distinct purpose that you can use in the game. This guide covers how to find and use Talus Hearts in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find Talus Hearts in Tears of the Kingdom

The only way to find Talus Hearts is by fighting the various Talus enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom. They can appear on the surface, but they have a good chance to spawn in caves that you find while roaming around Hyrule. If you’re ever looking for a cave, keep an eye out for the small blue creatures. They regularly make their way to the cave entrance before disappearing.

When a Talus appears, the only thing you can do against it is fight. It’ll be a brutal battle where you’ll need to find a way to dodge out of the way of this rock monster’s consistently throwing rocks and large AoE smashes, a regular attack it uses in Tears of the Kingdom. The best way to do this is to get some distance and use an arrow on the rock deposit sticking out of the creature. This is seen as a weak point and will briefly stun the creature, allowing you to climb it.

After climbing on top of the creature, smash the rock deposit with any blunt object, which is what you typically do to perform any type of mining in Tears of the Kingdom. This won’t last forever, though, and the Talus will eventually throw you off, and you’ll have to repeat the process.

What to do With Talus Hearts in Tears of the Kingdom

Upon defeating a Talus, the large creature will despawn and drops several minerals and gems on the ground. A noticeable object that will be beside these gems is a massive stone heart, and the type of stone heart that appears will vary depending on the type of Talus you were fighting. For example, if you were fighting a lava-like Talus, the Talus Heart will be firey red.

Even though you cannot place the Talus Heart in your inventory, you can take it with you and fuse it with any weapons or shields you have. Between the two, we’d recommend equipping it with a weapon, and it should do a large amount of damage to multiple enemies you encounter in Tears of the Kingdom.

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