The Mountain Cup tier list in Pokémon Go – March 2023

What are some of the best Pokémon you can use in the Mountain Cup?

Image via the Pokémon Company

The Mountain Cup has arrived to Pokémon Go for a limited time. While this cup is available, you’ll have the chance to create a specialized team against your opponent, but only specific Pokémon are allowed to compete in these battles. You’ll need to create a unique roster; some choices will be better than others. This guide covers the tier list for the Mountain Cup competition in Pokémon Go.

Mountain Cup tier list for Pokémon Go

For the Mountain Cup, you can only use Pokémon that are Ice, Ground, Rock, or Steel-type, and they cannot have more than 1,500 CP. Any Pokémon outside these types or above the CP threshold will be ineligible to enter. Of the Pokémon that meet these requirements, only Swampert has been banned from the Mountain Cup competition and will be available to use.

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Lead tier list

The lead Pokémon on your team is the first one you use against your opponent. They’re going to be the first one out, so they will need to have a variety of resistances to help ensure the initial strikes in the battle do not take out this Pokémon, but you can’t predict everything for all battles. You should expect to swap this choice out with another Pokémon or to give up at least one shield during the starting phase. These are some of the best Lead Pokémon choices for the Mountain Cup.

SDiggersby, Gliscor, Lucario, and Whiscash
AAbomasnow, Marshtomp, Runerigus, and Torterra
BFoerrothorn, Kartana, Lapras, and Walrein
CDonphan, Lapras, Nidoking, and Sandslash
DAlolan Ninetales, Articuno, Dewgong, and Lileep

Switch tier list

Regarding your Switch Pokémon, these typically have the highest attack stat on your team. Your Switch Pokémon is the one you switch out for the one serving as your Lead, and that means they need to be resistant against any weaknesses your Lead Pokémon has to protect your roster. You want to serve this Pokémon as the counter type, capable of effectively taking out an opponent’s Pokémon relatively fast. These are some of the best Switch Pokémon you can select for the Mountain Cup.

SEscavalier, Gliscor, Lucario, and Walrein
ADonphan, Lapras, Lycanroc (Midnight), and Runerigus
BFlygon, Froslass, Marshtomp, and Whiscash
CAlolan Ninetales, Empoleon, Quagsire, and Sudowoodo
DBonsly, Dewgong, Perrserker, and Torterra

Closer tier list

The final choice is the Closer, the last Pokémon you use on your team. You will want to hold back using them as much as possible to ensure they can protect your team, and that means making sure this Pokémon has a variety of good resistances and they have a high defense stat. They also need a decent amount of take to eliminate opponents quickly, and you usually want to rely on using this Pokémon’s charged attacks in battle. These are some of the best Closer Pokémon you can use in the Mountain Cup.

SDiggersby, Ferrothorn, Registeel, and Whiscash
ACradily, Forslass, Quagsire, and Regirock
BGalarian Stunfisk, Lapras, Regice, and Runerigus
CAbomasnow, Lucario, Skarmory, and Walrein
DExcadrill, Gliscor, Lileep, and Seismitoad