The Solstice Begins quest guide for Destiny 2

A whole new quest to play through.

Destiny 2

The Solstice of Heroes has begun in Destiny 2, challenging Guardians around the world to enter the European Aerial Zone and take on all kinds of monsters. There is also a quest for Eva, The Solstice Begins.

To begin the quest, visit Eva Levante who can be found in the Tower, directly in front of where you spawn in, near the Cryptarch.

Step 1 – The Solstice Begins

Speak to Eva in the Tower, and she will give you a helmet. You need to put the helmet on to be able to access the European Aerial Zone.

Step 2 – Trial in the Clouds

Now it is time to head to the European Aerial Zone for your first round. All you need to do is finish the round, then return to Eva.

Step 3 – But Wait, There’s More

Once again, you need to return to the Tower and speak with Eva. She will give you a full set of Drained armor, and you will begin the long process of upgrade it to Renewed Armor.

Step 4 – Breath In, Breath Out

For the next step, you need to go to the Statue of Heroes and meditate there. You can do this by standing in front of the statue directly beside Eva and interacting with it. It should be noted that only at this point will the new armor be added to your Inventory.

Step 5 – Reforged in Light

Now it is time to put on your new armor and take on a new quest for Eva, the From the Ashes quest. For this step, you need to finish each challenge for all the armor pieces. You can see what they are by hovering over them in your Inventory, but for a more detailed explanation, make sure to inspect them and read the text at the top of each armor piece.

You can find a full list of each armor challenge for the three classes below: