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“There was an issue hosting a multiplayer game” Grounded Error explained and fixes

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You might encounter a few issues if you’re trying to host a multiplayer game in Grounded or trying to connect to a friend’s game. The connection on the servers are not perfect, and there’s a good chance you might randomly be kicked from the game. Although you do not lose your stuff, this can happen if you’re battling against a Spider or trying to escape a Mosquito. This guide covers what you can do when you drop out of a multiplayer game in Grounded and what the issue was while hosting a multiplayer game.

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Why did your multiplayer game crash in Grounded?

Antivirus Issues

One of the more common problems that people are having right now is that their antivirus programs can interfere with the game’s attempts to make connections between players. Obsidian advises that you whitelist the game with your antivirus software to ensure this is not a problem. How you go about this will vary depending on what type of antivirus software you have on your hardware. However, while playing Grounded, you may want to turn it off to ensure a better connection to the game, so long as you can remember to turn it back on after you’ve finished.

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Trouble hosting games

If you’re having trouble hosting a game, we recommend closing out of the application and trying again. When you host the game, the process becomes a bit more taxing on your side. In addition, some players have had trouble loading the game or finding a game. When trying to find a game that a friend is hosting, make sure you’re friends with the host so you can connect with them. This is a better way to ensure everyone can see the game in the multiplayer list.

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