Tips and tricks for the Workshop in RiMS Racing

Understand your bike better than a chop shop.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Workshop is one of the most important places in your HQ in RiMS Racing. It’s where you’ll spend a lot of your time taking your bike apart, replacing bits and pieces, and then putting it all back together again. This article covers a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Workshop time.

Check every menu

Screenshot by Gamepur

It took us a little while to realize that there’s more than one menu to check in the Workshop. The right-hand side of the screen is dedicated to sorting through each area of your bike that’s knackered. However, you can also scroll through nine separate menus of parts that are slowly wearing out. You need to check all of these before you start fixing anything on your bike. If you don’t, you’ll end up going into Events with parts that are about to fall off.

The spanner icon is crucial

The spanner icon in the Workshop indicates that there’s a part on your motorcycle that you haven’t mounted. If this icon is there when you leave the Workshop, you won’t be able to participate in any Events. Even if you don’t necessarily touch one part of your ride while fixing up another, you’ll inadvertently unmount several parts for every item you replace or fix. So keep an eye out for the spanner icon, and use it as a guide to tell you what needs mounting back onto your bike before your next race.

Buy new parts as you unmount old ones

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Each part you unmount will almost certainly need replacing. If it’s red, then it definitely will. There’s no need to buy replacement parts before you unmount the old worn ones on your bike, though. Instead, you can access the shop for that specific part by pressing the change button once it’s unmounted. From there, you can open the shop and buy a brand new part. Then, you can change to this new part and mount it to your ride.

You can speed up your bike with lighter parts

When you’re in the shop looking for new parts for your bike, the game provides a helpful overlay underneath each part. This is where it tells you if the part is heavier or lighter, or even if it’ll boost performance slightly elsewhere on your vehicle. Use this data to your advantage. If you can afford a slightly more expensive part that’s lighter than the one you’re replacing, then buy it. This will make your bike lighter, and therefore faster, overall.

Only fix the essentials

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You can fix up everything on your motorcycle. However, not all the parts you fix will impact your performance. If you fix every single part as it hits the red, then you’re going to burn through your Credits pretty fast. Instead, only fix the important parts, such as the brakes, tires, wheels, and clutch. If your windscreen looks a bit scratched, and you can’t see anything in the mirrors, it doesn’t stop you from being fast. Don’t waste your money on fixing these small cosmetic issues like the paintwork when you could spend that money on your suspension and win your next race because of it.