What are Challenge Rifts and how to complete them in Diablo Immortal

Challenge yourself and earn extra loot.

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Challenge Rifts are one of the many activities you can participate in when you are playing Diablo Immortal. Similar to Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts give you high-quality items for completing them and even get you some rare crafting materials. Of course, these special dungeons aren’t unlocked right away and it will take some time before you can test your skills in them. Here is everything you need to know about Challenge Rifts in Diablo Immortal.

How to unlock Challenge Rifts

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When you reach Westmarch for the first time, you will unlock Elder Rifts. While these are fun and highly replayable, they are not the same as Challenge Rifts. After completing your first Elder Rift, you will continue the story by going to Dark Wood. Complete the story in Dark Wood and you will be tasked with returning to Westmarch. Shortly after returning to Westmarch, you will go to the Elder Rift entrance and gain access to the Challenge Rift entrance next to it.

What are Challenge Rifts?

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Like Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts test your skills. While you add modifiers and change the gameplay of Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts get harder as you complete them. When you first get access to Challenge Rifts, you will be able to play on level one difficulty. Each time you complete a difficulty level, you gain access to the next level and so on until you reach the max difficulty level of 200. Each level gets you increased rewards and will reward you with high-tier items and legendary gear.

How to complete Challenge Rifts

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After selecting the difficulty of the Challenge Rift, you will press the enter button to begin your trek through the dungeon. Once inside the dungeon, you will see the objective on the left side of your screen. You will need to defeat the Rift Guardian before time expires. The bar under the objective will fill up as you defeat enemies throughout the dungeon. Once the bar is full, the Rift Guardian will appear and challenge you. Defeat the Rift Guardian and the dungeon will be complete. If the hourglass manages to reach the end of the bar before you defeat the Rift Guardian, you will fail the Challenge Rift and need to start over. Remember that the difficulty level of the Challenge Rifts does not scale with character level. If a dungeon is too strong for your character, the game will notify you so you can select a different difficulty.